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Opening Night Morning Skate Lines


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Not a fan of Ott as a second line wing. Guy is your prototypical third line center. Also, not sure about putting both the G boys on the third line. Would think that swapping places with Ott for at least one of them might see what you have.


Of course, with the boat anchor that is Leino on the second line, not sure what can help that. Just not enough talent on the top two lines yet.


My play:






Would rather have Ott at C.

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Is Rolston pairing Grigorenko with Z because they seemed to mesh in the preseason?   Maybe he's hoping Z will give Grigorenko the space he needs. 


I'm not familiar with the players in Buffalo.  Does my reason make any sense?

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Thanks for posting this.  I am not sure to be honest.  If I was I would be behind the bench.  Rolston is probably not sure either but he has seen them together alot more than we have.  They did play very well in pre season for what its worth.  When Foligno comes back Friday, he will be on one of these lines, likely Porter will be a scratch. Foligno is going to be a starter.  The power play will be good on paper I would say.  Vanek, and Hodgeson and then he has options to alternate others with those two with Myers and Erhoff at the point.  Erhoff to QB the PP.  I know you guys are down on Leino.   I am hoping he bounces back as he is now healthy.  I do not know why Porter is in the lineup.  I sure wish it was Foligno.  Dont be surprised to see Ennis used with Vanek and Hodgeson on the PP and maybe even Foligno when he returns.  They may use Grigorenko also.  Its going to be real interesting to see how they gel.  Miller has to be good when there are break downs


I'm a little harsh on Leino, but my Finnofile nature hopes he does bounce back.


I've got Hodgson on my FHL squad, so I'm expecting big things.


Would definitely like to see the two G guys get some chances.

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