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Which of you players use a half cage?


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I know some rinks won't be cool with my set up, so I will try to find the wire cage/visor combo (somebody still makes that, right?) that wasn't in my experience that bad in the fog department. Maybe the Bauer (formerly itech) rbe isn't as foggy.

I used to use the old Cooper cat eye cage without chin cup as a half cage, but then sanctioning bodies cracked down on those I remember. I pretty well got out of sanctioned hockey not long after that point.

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Back in the day, we wore the original Cooper cat eye cages until we could take off the chin cup, effectively making it a half cage.

I never found any full coverage stuff that I liked. I had to do full coverage until I got into juniors.

Maybe the Oakley visors would be good. they are a pricey bit of kit, however.

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