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  1. Because of the realignment, we just don't see Philly all that much. The City of Brotherly Love has produced interesting hockey teams over the years. Since they aren't our rivals, they smell like air. Not fresh laundry, not smelly underpants. It should be a good game. I hope Reaves beats up somebody, and I hope Miller doesn't make the trade to get him here look lopsided in Buffalo's favour. Go Blues!!!!
  2. Trixie the Bunny: "I should have been on the mask, because I am cool!!!" Me: "It's okay. I am just not bowled over by modern goalie mask paint schemes".
  3. @ihabs1993 Removing the helmet is actually an old minor league hockey rule because of the mandatory visors. I laugh when I watch "Slapshot!" and they talk about "old time hockey" without the fighting and such- there's no such thing! Old time hockey IS fighting, especially since it is a FAST contact game played with sticks that could kill you. Even on beer league, fighting is NEEDED when Paul Bunyan chops down your centre.
  4. @ihabs1993 But I didn't think the Blues came to play, @goalnut3133 When did you change allegiances?
  5. The 'Hawks SUCK!!!! The reason why they won was because the game was RIGGED!!!!
  6. The Blues are going to the United Center to hopefully beat up them stinky 'Hawks!!! My boys in Blue better treat them stinky 'Hawks like I treat a doo rag- box them, grunt and bark at them!!! But don't eat the 'Hawks- they smell like moldy towels stuffed in a hockey bag that was peed in then stuck in a hot car for three weeks!!!!!
  7. The Kings still represent the biggest obstacle between the Blues and a Cup, for sure.
  8. And there was a fight, a BIIIIIG fight at the end. Would've been better if both benches cleared and the refs got beat up. Miller needs to use that goalie stick like a baseball bat!!!! The Jets smell worse than a combination of my litter box and hockey equipment that was peed on, then sealed in the bag inside of a hot car for two weeks!!! Moving from Atlanta didn't help.
  9. When I played in the Juniors, I fought one of three ways- the opposing team's goon vs. me when I cheap-shotted someone, the person I cheap-shotted vs. me, and if I felt like my teammate was blind-sided by a dirty hit or even a clean hit if my teammate's head was down. And if I didn't get the offender of the blind-side, I would get him even if it were in the parking lot... Note, I don't behave like the last sentence any longer.
  10. I don't know. First it was Sabotka, now Tarasenko. Argh.
  11. My boy Vladdy Tarasenko got injured by them stinky Predators. We should get revenge on them stinky Predators. If I could lift a baseball bat, I would hop down to Nashville. I hope Vladdy comes back sooner,
  12. The Preds wore their urine yellow unis. That was a good colour for them, as they were probably pissed off that the Blues beat the tar out of them 4-1. Yay Blues!!!!
  13. I am now using a beefed up HM-30 cage by Warwick Masks (same cage as Osgood), and I haven't been happier! My game hasn't gotten better, but I can see. I also don't have to wipe down my Avision Ahead cage/visor, as the factory fog-free treatment has gone away and needs a wipe-down between shifts. This is definitely a more stout cage than the Cooper original. Using a Cooper original these days would be irresponsible, as many are over 30 hears old!!! I have no desire to gamble with an old cage... The HM-30 won't let in a puck, but there are areas that a freak accident (or set play) with a stick could put out an eye or break my cheek bones; though I have heard of none of these things happening to the countless goalies who have worn this type of cage on their helmets or masks. I probably could have paid a bit more for a custom version that has smaller openings, but the custom cage maker is slow to answer e mail and has no phone number on his website. I need to communicate with someone I am going to let part with my money.
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