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Kaleta suspended for 10 games


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From the bad to worse file:


  Sabres goon Patrick Kaleta was suspended for ten games for his head shot on the Jackets Jack Johnson. A regular in front of Shanny for his antics, like a school yard bully in front of the principal.

  I love hard hits, as long as they are clean. This guy is a joke, has zero place in the game. He cannot play, 306 games, 27 goals over 500 PIMs. A wasted roster spot.

  Suspending him is addition by subtraction for the Sabres, it clears a roster spot for a real player.

 IMHO the best way to deal with teams carrying clowns like this, if he gets suspended, you cannot replace him on your roster for the interim.  In other words, an ass clown like Kaleta attacks a real player like Jack Johnson you play a roster spot short for the length of the suspension. It would be the best deterrent for teams who want a guy like this on their roster. You can wear all of the equipment you want and put all of the safety plans in place but idiots like Kaleta for no reason are allowed to run wild. Hurt the team for playing guys like this and it will police itself. 

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