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Vanek high on list of best all time Sabres

Buffalo Rick

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The Sabres obviously thought highly of Vanek. 

Reports are stating they were willing to make him the highest paid player in the NHL.



Sounds like they more or less gave Thomas the choice.  I am a bit surprised he was traded to a team in the East but Regier got alot for him.  I mean, a darn good player and two top picks.  A number one and two.  The Sabres now have more draft picks than at any time in their existence.  The question is how Darcy will use them?  I am sure he may trade a few for established players and will use some of the number ones for top prospects.   One year in hell can really pay off later if you can get a great young kid. Well we are almost a quarter through hell already.   One has to think the future may be bright for us.  But that is not what some impatient fans want to hear.  But that is life in the NHL and especially when there are now so many teams.  


The Islanders got a to see what Vanek did to them last week first hand so I am sure they had their eye on him a while.  He beat their goalie in the SO in style.  Made the goalie look silly. Blasted it by him as he looked like a deer in the headlights.  It will be interesting to see if they can keep him.  And to see if we are going to want to pay this Moulson fella to stay?

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He played many games for the Islanders before coming to Buffalo and having that huge season when Mogilny scored 76 goals (tying  Teamo Selanne in his rookie year for goals if you can imagine two guys scoring that many goals in one season not named Gretsky and Messier).  So he is sort of remembered as both an Islander and a Sabre though his heart seems to be more with Buffalo.  I think he had some resentment to the Islanders.  Strange all the business we have done with them.  Darcy came from there too.

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