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Avs-Hawks tomorrow night!

Chicago Hawkie

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After a convincing win vs. the San Jose Shaaaaaarks last night, the Hawks will meet the Avalanche tomorrow night.  For much of this season, the Avs have been on cloud nine but have come back down to earth in their last 3 or so games.


As for the Hawks, we had a great win vs. San Jose last night but had an ugly game before that in Nashville.  Also, the Hawks have struggling against division opponents thus far this season.


So ... what will happen tomorrow?  Will the Hawks fly high in that high Denver altitude, or will we be buried by the Avalanche?  We will see ...



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Hmm, Avs could be hungry...or on a continued downward turn...but my money (so to speak!) is on the Hawks...they may be fueled & feeling good after their throttle of the once-invincible Shaaaaaarks! (Welcome back to planet Earth, boys!)  ^_^


This will be fun to watch!  :D

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This is going to be awesome! :D


Sadly, it starts at 8:00 so I have to DVR most of it and try to watch it tomorrow, before I go to work, before the score-spoilers strike.  Oh well ...


"(Welcome back to planet Earth, boys!)"


I am imagining this being said in an Edgar G. Robinson voice ... :lol:

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@Chicago Hawkie  I plan on watching this game, pretty excited about it actually. I know from having Varlamov in fantasy hockey that Varly is much better at home than on the road, but he has stunk so bad of late the Ave's might turn to Giggy, but he stunk in his last start also, so tough call.



 I'm calling for a 4-3 Hawks win, with the kid Pierri getting the game winner. Where did this come from, damn is he exciting to watch! Just another star Bowman has pulled out his ass....LOL!

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That's Bowman for you ... he's a chip off the old block.  :lol:


Varlamov had been tough vs. the Hawks before, but I think the Hawks will just have to keep shooting at him.


Pirri is something else.  He had shown some promise way back when, I think, the 2011 pre-season and has then had time to develop (e.g. the Hawks have not had to bring him up too soon).

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Avs take a 1-0 lead thanks to Paul Stastny the Nasty


Thew puck bounced off the boards and someohow got between Crow and the net, and then found its way in the net.


Two things can factor against the Hawks tonight:


1. Hossa is still injured and is not playing tonight

2. The Avs have not lost this season after scoring first in a game


Oh, and there's a third factor against the Hawks ... Paul Stastny!  Ugggghhhhh ... that guy is a Hawks assassin.

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Hawks got buried in Colorado again


Once again, the Hawks got buried by the Avalanche in Colorado, this time 5-1.  I didn't really get to watch all of it because I had to get up early for work and hence had to DVR it and watch what I could this morning ... but I didn't miss much.  Stastny was nasty against the Hawks, wioth a goal and an assist ... he always manages to put up points vs. Chicago.


Also ... let's not forget that it was the Avs, in Colorado, which snapped the Hawks' points streak to begin last season by a 6-2 score, I believe.  So, Colorado has not a nice place for the Hawks to visit.

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