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Miller the right choice for the USA starting job

Buffalo Rick

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Was there ever any doubt?  Say all you want about the collapse of the Sabres this year, Miller was not part of it.   He may have proved more this year than any other year.  He kept his head and played great despite the miserable circumstances surrounding him.  He is also apparently willing to let Nolan and the Sabres have their time to fix the mess, use those 17 picks and hopefully be around when things once again look good in Buffalo.  And at some point they will.  Its too good a hockey town for it not to.  And they have not only an owner with financial backing, but they have a boatload of picks to work with, thanks in part to Darcy in all honesty, even though it did cost him his job in the long run.  He was on a short leash once he fired a very popular coach.  Now Ryan has his Olympic shot.  That is what he wanted.  He has it.   I hope he brings home a gold medal.  It will be tough.  I like the forwards, I wonder though if our defense can come close to Canada's?  Miller may have to be brilliant to get us a Silver or a Gold

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Gee, nobody posts here because they cannot trash Miller.  Miller will start for the USA and you know it.  Pretty good job to have don't you think?  Go ask Mason who may as well be a Mason


b-b-b-b-b-but, The Flyers!


Miller will very likely get the first start and the chance to run with the team. I would think Quick is waiting in the wings and, for that matter, even Wings fans seem questionable about Howard.

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