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Coaches who blow their stack

Chicago Hawkie

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Does anyone have any funny stories about when their team's coach, or any team's coach, blew their stack on TV, either during a game or a press conference?


I thought this thread up today as I was watching the rest of the Hawks-Rangers game and how Rangers coach Alain Vigneault kind of reminds me of Marc Crawford.  :lol:


Marc Crawford, of course, was the former Colorado Avalanche (and Vancouver Canucks) coach who blew his top during a game agsint the Red Wings (I think it was a playoff game, if I'm rigjht ... Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, maybe?) when he got into a shouting match with Scotty Bowman (I think he also got into a similar shouting match the following year with then-Edmonton Oilers coach Ron Low during a first-round playoff game, but I may be wrong on this one).

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In an attempt to get this thread going ... it's not an NHL game; in fact, I'm not even sure which teams were playing since this was back in 2010, I believe, but ...


Near the end of a local newscast, the sports news was on and a coach was protesting a call against his team.  This particular coach jumped up on his team's bench and proceeded to rip off his jacket a la The Incredible Hulk:lol:


I rewound that and watched it at least three times because it was so funny.


Also ... anyone remember Robbie Ftorek and the BENCH TOSS in a game against the Wings in, I believe, 2000 (yave, I'm looking in your direction for this one!)?  :lol:

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Laviolette had his moments in Philly...


The famous stare-down with Bylsma:




The infamous Ville Leino head-punch:




And there was the Coke machine that he destroyed during an intermission, but I don't think that was captured on film for posterity.

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Oct 3rd 2013 though they won 6-1 over the ducks. Coach patrick roy slammed on the glass partition between the team benches and it started to give away. Roy was upset because of a hit between nathan mackinnon of the avs and ben lovejoy of the ducks was he thought a dangerous knee to knee hit then starting yelling at ducks coach bruce boudreau

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