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  1. I can post the finals and the article from nhl.avalanche.com to help with forum post
  2. Being an avs fan as well as a flyers fan, it seems kinda dead in the central forums...
  3. I hate cindy crosby. I cant stand him (cause he kills the flyers everytime ) but i do respect him martin broueur
  4. @freddie fogg, i completely agree with you. Even in the playoffs when philly played pittsburgh they showed favorites. Maybe im to use to listening to comcast and hearing the flyers praised but theres a lot of love on nbc for pens hockey. Why even have root sports for pens hockey when nbc loves them more.
  5. Oct 3rd 2013 though they won 6-1 over the ducks. Coach patrick roy slammed on the glass partition between the team benches and it started to give away. Roy was upset because of a hit between nathan mackinnon of the avs and ben lovejoy of the ducks was he thought a dangerous knee to knee hit then starting yelling at ducks coach bruce boudreau
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