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comparing Rask to Johnson


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Comparing the statistics of Tukka Rask to his backups Chad 'ocho cinco' Johnson/Niklas Svedberg:




Tukka         .929              2.11       22-12-3

others         .922              2.23       8-3


I have said it before and I will say it again, a large, LARGE portion of the Tukka mystique is simply the team that he plays for and on an average team he is an average goalie. He has his moments but quite frankly I believe him to be the most overrated player in the game today.



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I think most "great" goalies have a defensively sound team in front of them. Rask benefits from this, but is still a pretty damn good goalie in his own right. Pretty sure you could do this with Quick and his backups.

  I personally feel that Rask is much more a product of the team around him than most goalies and is overrated as much as any player in the game today.

He reminds me of Chris Osgood who always put up good solid numbers with the Wings, in net for two cups but more a product of having Lidstrom and the boys playing in front of him. The fact that Manny Lagace stepped in after Ozzie left and put up a few gaudy regular seasons proved there was merit to the long standing argument that Ozzie was a product of the system.

  Tim Thomas was a solid goalie with amazing numbers with the Bruins before taking a year off, his numbers compare very favorable to those of Rask. Most lists of great goalies have Rask on them, my opinion is he is top ten material but not much more. There are a lot of goalies that come to mind, guys like Pavalec and Lehtonen who would put up at least as good if not better numbers with the Bruins club in front of them.

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