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Stadium Series a win for the NHL


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I haven't really paid much attention to these upcoming games in LA and NY.   When the NHL announced these games I had to wonder why they put so many on this weekend.  I'm not generally much of a football fan, but the NHL did get the Winter Classic right by making a big deal out of a regular season matchup having it outdoors on a day when College Football ruled.  


And hey,.... this is the bye week where the much so boring NFL pro game played.  A weekend where the NHL can again get another WIN out of the TV market that generally was ruled by football.  Tonight's Kings - Ducks game at Dodger Stadium is a great match-up at a great time and what looks to be a rather cool and unique event.  Then there is more prime time for Sunday's Ranger - Devils game.


Next year the NHL will have less outdoor games, but I really think these two venues and the Heritage Classic in Canada needs to stay as a part of the NHL's schedule.  


Kudos to the NHL for creating this venue for themselves and us hockey fans.  

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@hf101  At first, I thought the NHL was getting greedy, dipping into the well to often and in the process, making these games less special. I want to see the games tonight and reserve judgement....but you make a lot of valid points. Having these two games in LA and New York, the biggest markets in the U.S on a weekend when not to much is going is masterful plotting by the NHL. Just the uniqueness of the events and the massive population influx to draw from ensures that the NHL will be exposed to thousands of potential new fans. Very, very smart marketing.

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