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Sochi: 5 Star accommodations for the Olympics


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If fear for your life was not bad enough. Apparently Sochi offers, rooms the size of a community college dorm, yellow water that is toxic, and toilets that DO NOT accept toilet paper!!




Great choice IOC!

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Many of the reporters over there covering the games are live tweeting their experiences. My favorite so far is, "I wish the hotels in the U.S. had apple juice come out of the bathroom faucets." :)


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Every country that hosts the Olympics has had problems with construction...it's the nature of the beast. And you'll always have people complaining that your country doesn't do things the same way as my country (sometimes I wonder why those people ever leave home). I've had to use baskets for toilet paper, or a hole in the floor. Big deal, several friends cottages still have outhouses.


 But even in Honduras or Guatamala, two of the poorest countries in the world,  you can use the water to shower. I'm not sure if that's the case in Socchi or if someone is just feeding us a line. But if it is, that's pretty sad.

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