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The Ave's Ryan O'Riley 50 pts, 0 PIM....


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  Looks like we have a front of the line leader for the Lady Byng, huh people?  He should have it locked up if he even has a decent end of the season run. Barring a 20 PIM freak out, he should take this award. Any one else know about players having a Byng worthy season? Does Ryan have any competition?

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Ryan came REALLY close to staying in Europe after the lockout, his game translates very well there.


  As far as the Lady Bing, it is kind of a booby prize, I remember Datsyuk winning it three or four years in a row and then starting a fight early the next season with Corey Perry (not a big fighter himself) and my wife sitting beside me on the couch laughing near to hysterics saying he did that to discourage Bing voters the following season.


  That said, usual suspect Martin St. Louis is always on the list (deservedly) and Tyler Seguin (4 PIMs 66 points) deserves consideration. A quirky choice to me might be Patrick Marleau who always puts up good points and gets very few penalties but he has a reputation thanks to Roenick more for being a floater than he deserves so instead of gentlemanly he has a rep for being lazy, which you couldn't put up his kind of number year in and year out by being lazy, in spite of what JR might think.

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@yave1964  Oh, I didn't realize that Seguin's PIM's were that low, he may indeed be in the race. With Marty's presence, he might very well be in the mix also. I find a lot of times the Byng will be awarded to older players as a way to honour them for past service,( like Gretzky winning it a few times in his twilight years), knowing they won't be in the race for any other trophy's.

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