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Calling out the veterans: IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!


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I just had to say this: I am pleased with what we are seeing Mike Babcock do in how he is finally using some negative reinforcement in his comments to the media in calling out his veteran players. Though it is way later than I think it should have come, it is good to hear him finally say what must be said to the veteran players: if you're not gonna skate, you're not gonna play. I still want to see him follow it up with a veteran player watching a game in a suit to give his words some bite, but this needed to be said.

He rightly praised the young kids who, right now, are leading this team: Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan, Jurco, Glendening. Howard was the only other player who played the whole game. Where is everybody else? It's one thing for it to happen in one game, but this has happened several times in a row here. And I'm sorry, but the kids can't score all of our goals for us and expect us to make the playoffs.

Babcock has shifted from being forced to use young kids on seldom-used lines to using young kids to giving young kids significant minutes to praising the young kids (perhaps a bit much in one case...see my other thread) to now calling out our veteran players who should know better than to play like they are. This is a significant shift, a necessary shift. It shows recognition that these kids are the future of the DRWs.

Having said that, last night's game could easily have been 7-5 MTL, with Howard keeping us in the game, and if this kind of play continues the playoffs are a pipe dream. Time for the kids to kick the old men in their derrières and demand that they play with some fire! Tatar is inspirational. That kind of energy SHOULD BE contagious, particularly at this time of year. LET'S GO RED WINGS! (Especially you veterans!)

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Legwand has been dropped to the third line. It might be a good move, he works well with Alfie and maybe we can get some more production other than the kids. Just hoping Pavel can maybe come back for the final 6-8 games.

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