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The last two spots revisited


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A week and a half to go, and still two, possibly three spots are undecided in the East. The Standings:



Flyers           87 points 6 games remaining  2 at home 4 on the road    non contender games 3

Red Wings   86 points  6 games remaining  2 at home 4 on the road    non contender games  3

Bluejackets   85 points 6 games remaining  3 at home 3 on the road    non contender games  2

Maple Leafs  84 points 4 games remaining  1 at home 3 on the road    non contender games  3

capitals         81 points  6 games remaining  2 at home 4 on the road    non contender games  3


 I listed the Flyers although they are a near lock to make the postseason they are still fighting with the pesky Bluejackets for 3rd in the Metro-sexual division.


 Strength of Schedule, it is really even down the stretch. The Jackets could end up deciding the final spot out west as they have games remaining against the two teams fighting for the final western spot, Dallas and Phoenix. Their records



Dallas       85 points 6 games remaining 3 at home 3 on the road non contender games 2

Phoenix    85 points 5 games remaining  3 at home 2 on the road non contender games 2


  The final spot in the West may be decided on the last day of the season as the Stars visit the Coyotes to finish the season.


  In the East, the Capitals are in big trouble, their 3 'soft' games are all on the road where the Caps are 12th in the conference in wins and the home games are against teams with something to play for. Big trouble in the Capital.

  The Leafs lost Bernier again last night, he is s scheduled for an MRI this morning. It does not look good, the Leafs won the game and likely lost the war.


  So that leaves the Flyers, Wings and Jackets on the inside track to make the playoffs. The only thing to decide is final seeding and who plays who. The Flyers with a 2 point lead over the Jackets and hold the tie breaker with ROW (36-34) so it looks good for them to match up against the hated Rangers. My guess is the Wings will hold off the Jackets for the seventh seed because of 2 games against Buffalo and one against the Canes over the next week.


    One more thing, if the Wings and Jackets both make it in, it would mean 10 teams from last years Western Conference and only 6 from the East making it, Just sayin.

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I believe you're missing a team in that Eastern race. Somehow the Devils are 1 point back of the Jackets for the last spot as of now. They do have some seemingly easier opponents left with Calgary, Ottawa, the Islanders, and Boston. But given that they've lost to what are basically the Sabres and Islanders AHL teams recently, nothing is easy. I still think it's a long shot, given the way they've played most of the season, but they're still alive. If only they didn't completely suck at shootouts this year...

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