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  1. Crazy stat of the day. With a victory Monday, the Buffalo Sabres have a winning record for the first time since January 25th 2013...that's 2081 days.
  2. I'd easily bring back that Ducks logo, but with their current colors. The webbed D might be the dumbest logo currently in the league. Something like this...
  3. They should have put blue shoulders on the home jersey. At least then it wouldn't look quite so plain.
  4. Ottawa had it right the first time, but they've gotten worse every time they change jerseys. Sometimes simpler is better. Well, except for the Devils new one, which looks like they half-assed it. But at least they didn't mess with the logo. If they did the Prudential Center may have been burned down by Devils fans (all 13 of us).
  5. Not sure why they needed to do away with the stripes on the body of the Devils jersey. This new one looks so...plain. Although it could be worse, they could have Nashville's jersey. Seriously, did Adidas just forget about them and at the last minute just threw that together? I do like the Avs going back to the old design though, and that Buffalo jersey looks so much better without that stupid piping.
  6. I'm not sure Markov is that guy anymore though. I think part of him and Subban working well together was Subban's ability to skate it out of the zone. Markov/Weber could be a pairing that gets stuck in their own end and struggles against quicker teams. Barberio could be an option, but if you're playing Weber 20+ minutes a night against the opposition's best, do you want Barberio out there that much?
  7. It'll be interesting to see how Weber does without somebody like Suter or Josi who can skate the puck out of trouble and have really good first passes. Do they have anybody that's good at skating/moving the puck they could pair with Weber?
  8. I think within 3-4 years (if not sooner) that Weber contract is going to be the worst in the league. The game is more and more about speed, and Weber has never been the quickest guy around. Now, if Montreal wins a Cup in the next few years, it's probably worth it to them. But I think with the way the game is played now Subban is a much more valuable player. I think he'll be great for Nashville.
  9. They've been trending down for a while now. 5 wins in their last 14 games, and the last two losses by a combined score of 10-1. With Cammalleri likely done for the year, I don't think they had enough left to really make a push.
  10. Gelinas has the hockey IQ of a potato and his offensive production has dropped off considerably since his rookie year. He's frustratingly inconsistent and basically three different coaching staffs have given up on him. Maybe he can still put it together somewhere else, but I doubt it. Matteau has never really shown much, but then he hasn't played much either. Guys like Farnham, Ruutu, and AHL callups were all playing over him. It doesn't help that he's waiver eligible either. He should probably be down in the AHL, but to send him down he'd have to clear waivers and they'd probably lose him for nothing. So by trading him at least they're getting something for him. Lou not forfeiting that pick is looking worse all the time.
  11. I like what Shero did today. Stempniak for a 2nd and 4th. Gelinas for a 3rd. Matteau for Smith-Pelly. Got rid of two guys (Matteau and Gelinas) who clearly weren't part of the long term plan, and got a decent return for Stempniak, who by all accounts liked playing for the Devils and could come back next year anyway. The team just ran out of gas the last 10-15 games, which I kind of expected.
  12. On the Vezina, Cory Schneider currently has a better GAA and Save % than Holtby and plays on the second lowest scoring team in the league. If they make the playoffs I think he deserves serious Hart consideration.
  13. Yeah, the Norris has always been a tough one for me. I almost feel like it's become the most valuable defenseman instead of the best defenseman, if that makes any sense. I mean, I get how valuable a guy like Karlsson or even Letang (maybe bot necessarily this season) are to their teams because of their offense, but to me the Norris should be about who the best all-around defenseman is. And a lot of those guys just don't put up the "sexy" point totals that the Karlssons and Letangs of the league do. Burns maybe being the exception this year. I almost feel like they need two awards for defensemen.
  14. I would imagine it depends on how the Pens do this year as well. If Johnston does a good job and has a good run, they can keep him. If not they can dump him and go hard after Babcock. I'm sure there will be plenty of teams interested in him.
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