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  1. Crazy stat of the day. With a victory Monday, the Buffalo Sabres have a winning record for the first time since January 25th 2013...that's 2081 days.
  2. A smart GM (or fan) will look at what Vegas did and realize that it's almost impossible to recreate that situation. And there is no guarantee that they will be successful long term just because they've had immediate success. You look at the teams that win Cups and they almost all have high end players they drafted and developed (many of them with the high picks Vegas won't have because of their immediate success). Building a team properly takes longer than one or two years. If Vegas continues to be a playoff team, then maybe you can look at it as a blueprint.
  3. The fact that your username is Hockey Junkie is kind of ironic.
  4. Ray Shero has been suspiciously quiet this summer... I know, I know...it's a pipedream and Dorian isn't Chiarelli. A fan can dream though.
  5. Lose Tavares and De Haan. Sign 31 year old Komarov, who made everybody around him worse in Toronto to 4 year contract. Sign 34 year old Filppula. Sign goalie the Buffalo Sabres no longer wanted. Trade for Matt Martin. Sign Ross Johnston to 4 year extension. There's the Lou I know.
  6. I'd just like to point out, two years ago today...the trade is one for one.
  7. What the hell Lou? You drafted like **** for the better part of a decade with the Devils, then go to Toronto and draft Matthews, then go to the Islanders and clean up at the draft? I call ********.
  8. Hall wins the Hart, Barzal the Calder. Strong work Chiarelli.
  9. Seattle will have the same rules, but I don't think they'll have as many GMs completely bungling the expansion draft to help them out as Vegas did.
  10. I think they'd lost like 7 in a row at the time of the trade, so Armstrong must have thought they were done, or needed a massive wakeup.
  11. Well, I've picked against Vegas in every round so far, so if I want them to win...Jets in 7.
  12. He's a reckless player who probably won't ever change unless he starts missing significant time from suspensions.
  13. Wilson is a careless buffoon who is going to end somebody's career some day.
  14. Pierre should just wear the Pens mascot outfit between the benches. At least then we wouldn't have to look at his stupid face when he's rambling on about how somebody played at Shattuck St. Marys, or how two players played on the same team when they were 12 years old, or whatever other useless information he comes up with. It's just another reason I try to find a Canadian feed during the playoffs. NBC's coverage blows.
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