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Masterton finalists announced


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    • Jagr
    • Moore
    • Malholtra

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The NHL announced the three finalists for the Bill Masterton trophy today. Given to the player who best exemplifies the character of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.

The three finalists:

Jaramir Jagr for leading the Devils in scoring at the age of 42 and being quite simply one of the greatest players in the game.

Dominic Moore. Moore took a year off to take care of his dying wife who passed away in January 2013. Moore, the brother of Steve Moore who was injured in the Bertuzzi incident came back this year as a solid 4th liner and PK specialist.

Manny Malholtra. Manny missed almost a season with a horrible eye injury and had to go back to the AHL and prove that he could still play before a call up by the Hurricanes. Like Moore, Malholtra was a valuable 4th liner, PK specialist and faceoff man.

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Can Moore and Malhotra both win?  I like the nice token nomination for Jagr but I'd have to take one of the other two.

Again we agree (getting spooky, lol) I went with Moore. Just a sad story of how life happens to everyone including hockey players.
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