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Blue Jackets worst nightmare

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It is looking more and more likely that it will be a Kings versus Rangers final, network gold with New York versus Los Angeles but a friend of mine who has been a partial season ticket holder for the Jackets since their inception is horrified at the thought.


Former Jackets playing for the Kings:


Jeff Carter who reminds them of their horrific deal with the Flyers a few years ago


Marian Gaborik who they inexplicably donated at the deadline


The two of them are two of the main reasons the club is where they are, Gaborik leads al players with 10 goals and Carter is second in the postseason among al scorers.


From the Rangers you have:


Former face of the franchise Rick Nash


Derick Brassard former first round pick/underachiever who is doing quite nice in New York Thanks for asking.


Anton Stralman steady as she goes d-man


John Moore steady as she goes d-man


Derek Dorsett former fan favorite tough guy


Essentially near half the Jackets team between these two clubs. Aside from the whole general hatred of all things New York and Los Angeles by a lot of fans, I cannot think of anyone with more merit for hating this matchup more than Jacket fans (all four of them).

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Yeah, but look how much better the Jackets are in two years after getting rid of all the dead weight. ;)

From the day the Jackets traded away Jeff Carter they have gone 77-59-14. 

  Oh I know, getting rid of Carter was the best thing to do, my God did that man whine when he was in Columbus. He floated up and down the ice, it was a relief to see him gone. He is still booed pretty heavily when playing in Columbus.

  Nash was the face of the franchise forever, one hell of a player who never had a supporting cast.

 Gaborik being donated to the Kings still leaves my friend shaking his head. Not saying he would have been enough to have gotten past Pittsburgh but he is sure having a fine postseason.

  And it seems that half of the Jackets are now with the Rangers. My friend said he literally has not watched a single minute of a single game of the Montreal series, he is rooting for the Hawks to come back against the Kings and sweep the Rangers, lol.

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