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High marks for Sabres draft so far. Murray is happy with it

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It is clear that next year is going to be even bigger but I believe this draft could have been underestimated.  Time will tell.  I can see at least 4 of these guys playing in Rochester.  Two will likely make the big club.  The first two.  The interesting pick to me is the Swedish goalie.  When you tap into the European league's you are doing a very good thing in this day and age.  Alot of good players now come from Europe.  Back in the 70's if you were not from Canada nobody really wanted you.  Then the infusion of Russians began.  Guys like Mogilny and Bure really made a splash.  So you do not really know when you draft a young goalie what you are getting.  But I am glad they picked one goalie at least.  

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