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Shaping up to be another one of those nights...


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Down 2-0 nothing already, and we're only half way through the first. Playing Pittsburgh, one of the best scoring teams in the league. If we gave up 9 to Nashville and 6 to Buffalo (!!), how many will the Penguins be able to put up on us?


Team doesn't look good at all. 


The biggest problem this year is that we don't come out flat often, but when we do, we play absolutely brutal. And they're so unpredictable it's sickening. Unless Carlyle says something motivational at the first intermission...


Can't even say that with a straight face. Carlyle is as emotional as a brick wall. Only a matter of time before he gets canned.


So will it be 7-0 tonight? 5-1? That remains to be seen. Let's at least try to make a game out of this at least. 

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