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Why do the Sharks continue to play John Scott?


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Scott received another suspension, this one is for 4 games.  




The Sharks need to find an alternative to Scott on the fourth line as his days in the NHL are numbered.

EVERYONE asks that question.


Especially since we actually have a few great kids playing. Doug Wilson preached a youth movement this summer, but if not for the injuries of Brown, Kennedy, Nieto, none of these youth would actually be playing. EVEN BURISH, who they finally waived, but waited 20 games in to do it was taking a "youth" spot.


And good lord, Karlsson, Tierney and Goodrow are waaaaaaaaay better players than Brown or Scott. Skilled players who contribute as they grind and can score!


In fact, Goodrow/Sheppard/Karlsson has been our best line the last 5 games, and Desjardins looks happy when he has Tierney + another youngin on is line instead of Dumbarse Scott/Brown.


And everyone is still sratching heads over playing Hannan and Irwin over Mueller, who has been riding pine more than playing.

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