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western coaches and eastern coaches


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isnt weird that eastern coaches like lav is making an impact on nashville which is western team and western coach like Alain Vigneault is making an impact on the rangers because he's a western coach and barry troz is making an impact on the capitals and he's a western coach from nashville


it seems like trend of coaches that are going into different conferences is making an impact meaning if flyers want a good coach, they should get a coach from the western confience because the last coach that was really making an impact on flyers was ken hitchcock and he was from western confidence dallas stars.


no more east coaches, we need a west coach.



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But Lavy didn't have one of the brightest minds in hockey....

Lol... Very true sami!

Personally... When a western coach comes to the east and then to the west the coach seems to do well. Only when a western coach that goes to the east and then to the west and comes back to the east are they successful. That is what we should be discussing... How about a Coach that come from the north? And what the hell happens in the south? I am confused....

I blame it all on Coburn bc he sucks.

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