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  1. didnt we go thru this before with stevens, berube, hak? i mean it's great that he's getting these younger players better but sometimes coaches like these just arent good enough to get them over the hump, i mean are you saying q cant and gordon will? gordon couldnt get the phantoms in the calder cup finals, it's the same with hak. i just want a coach that get this team over the hump that knows how to win cups, gordon wont. gordon is at best developing young players that's it.
  2. i really hope the fo is still looking at q in the offseason, i know you want them in the playoffs but it's worth losing q over it? because we might have hak 2.0 for the next 5 years.
  3. the first goal wasnt on hart, crosby was on other side, there was no defenders, they were all on the other side, the second goal was on him, the third goal was lack of effort on d, they just let jake skate right in front of him and out of the position. i was telling u this winning streak was fools gold because of the way they were playing, you cant let hart do everything, you still need good defense around him and the pens was a test of what they are, they are not good enough and they need better coaching. you are not going to beat quality playoffs teams playing like th
  4. yeah even if they did, they still need upgrades because it happened with the flames when they had young team went to the playoffs and next year, they did nothing and took two steps back didnt make the playoffs. you always got to find ways to upgrade the team no matter what, otherwise the team could go backwards.
  5. i mean look at the caps last year, they only had three 5"11 players, the rest were over 6 feet and beat tampa's small team in the conference finals and won the cup. http://www.espn.com/nhl/team/roster/_/name/wsh/washington-capitals
  6. did you watch how our defense is playing? it's a disaster, you cant put hart through that next season, it will ruin him. if we won a cup, then yeah i would agree with your statement. this team needs upgrades and new coach, if we go into next season with this exact same team, it could get worst because hart could struggle behind this defense. this winning streak is fools gold to me.
  7. he still is and he could have down year next year for all we know, goalies are so unpredictable, look at matt murray had a good couple of years and now he's struggling, not saying we have to get bob, but at least get a healthy good vet behind hart, so he doesnt turn into a struggling matt murray.
  8. ok, all im saying is this, just be prepared because of what fletch says that everyone is on notice accept giroux.
  9. sorry, but i have a change of heart, after what i saw in the beginning of the season and yes i do watch games and i dont obsess over prospects that are playing in juniors because they could bust and i really dont have emotional attachment to these players, it's all about winning, hart is playing well, yes he's a keeper but as far as they rest of the team and the prospects, like i said im not going to be surprised if some of the prospects and current players are going to be traded because it's about winning and what fits with the organization. if you want to jump ship because you do
  10. i really hate to bring this up but the way this team is built is the reason why hextall got axed in the first place, it's not just fletch, it's the fo themselves, i think they want a bigger team mentality and know that smaller players is not working, which is why fletch traded for a 6-5 winger that's in the ahl. so if this is any indication, it means we are going back to the bigger player mold identity, it means any players that the fans have their hearts set on, they really are going to have to brace for alot of shocking moves in the off-season. honestly for me, i hated how this team was
  11. im worried that they are going to keep scott gordon over q because of these wins.
  12. we are never going to win cup because this organization doesnt want to tank for a star, every team does it but this is coward of organization that hasnt won jack in over 40 years is finally bad enough to get hughes and they choose to win when it means nothing.
  13. you want to pass on joel q for that reason? ok, either you are not a flyers fan or you just dont like joel q.
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