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Jets One Year Later: The Maurice Factor


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Good article on the difference Maurice has made with some nice comparable stats. Despite leading the league in PIMs (by a fair margin), they look like a playoff team. They might not make it, but they are at least playing like a team that belongs in the post-season.


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Okay I have watched a bit more of your Jets since our little back and forth. I picked last nights game as a must watch with Bogo, Kane and Enstrom back in the lineup. I figured if there was a game they should be fun to watch it was last night against the Panthers who are finishing up a rough West coast trip and I figured the Wings/Sabres would be a snoozer.



 Perreault was just obscenely good. 16 goals this year, coming out of nowhere! I have always liked him, that type of third line checking centers who play big minutes against other teams top forwards have always been a favorite of mine. I always knew Perreault had some offensive acumen but nobody and I mean NOBODY could have predicted this. 33 points year to date. Wow.


 Pedal down the entire game. When everyone is healthy (mostly everyone, still missing Trouba) I give in, I concede, the Jets are fun to watch and simply beat people up. I can be persuaded that I am wrong, and calling the Jets the most boring team in Hockey was a mistake. My apologies, they have certainly come a long way and can be fun to watch. We may still disagree about their bottom two lines but I love the defensive depth, I hope Buff gets left at defense (where he belongs!) and a defense that has Buff, Bogo, Enstrom, Clitsome, Trouba, Harrison and a couple of nice kids is certainly playoff caliber. Like I said, I can admit when I am wrong, these guys bust their butts every night and are fun to watch.

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No need to apologize or eat crow (although some other posters here could take note, including me). I appreciate the opportunity to share thoughts with someone who clearly loves and knows the game. 


My turn for admission: a lifelong Flyer fan (a proverbial orange diaper baby if ever there was one) is becoming (has become?) a Jets fan. There I said it. It took a perfect storm of events: 1) moving back to the 'Peg after 5 years away (and thereby really appreciating it properly); 2) Flyer suckage (and, more importantly, being so damn boooooorrrring); 3) Jets playing fast, big, puck pressure hockey in front of knowledgeable, loud and appreciative fans (in a smallish, loud rink).


For me Maurice gets much of the credit, but I think this collection of players also get some credit. They work their butts off as you say. They all came to camp in great shape and it shows. Foot speed galore, even with guys like Ladd who are not really that fleet of foot. He positively bursts onto loose pucks. And they hit.  You must have noticed Peluso last night eh? Got 3rd star apparently. Did he even get a point in an 8-2 romp? That kind of play matters. Guys like Little and Frolik also lay the body all over the ice. Love it.


Big Buff. What can you say. Absolutely unique player who can dominate a game like none other in recent memory. I had no idea how smart a player he was or how good his vision is. It's elite I'm telling you. And he is clearly loved by his teammates. He keeps it loose and just plays. 


Anyway, they are an absolute pleasure to watch right now (and that's without Trouba!!). I hope they can keep it up. I see no reason why they can't. As Kane said post-game: they simply play the same way every shift (even when it's 8-2).

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