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fixing the unbroken


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I'm watching one of my favorite teams.  They're having a so-so year.  But, they do have a dominant line.  When this line is on the ice, the puck stays in the other end.   In this particular game, the coach tries to spark the other lines.  He breaks up his first unit, and spots those players with other forwards.  While this experimenting is going on, the other team is scoring goals.  At the end of the second period, the score is 5-2 against.   The coach reunites his horses on his first line and they close the gap, but lose 5-4.


I understand the thinking of the coach.  He's a good guy who wants to help everybody on the team.  I've been there.


But, if you have one part of your game working, don't screw with it. 


Goes for hockey, business or life.

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