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I know it was merely against the lowly Buffalo Sabres, but the opponent really doesn't matter. Hank Zetterberg just put his team on his shoulders and led them from a 3-0 deficit to a 6-4 win, scoring a natural hat trick in the third period! I haven't seen him do that in a LONG time, and it was time! He plays well pretty consistently, but it's not that often that he leads with THAT obvious a determination. He was not going to be denied, and you could see it even during the second period, before he started scoring goals. If he keeps that momentum going, WATCH OUT!

Mrazek showed his first chink in his armor. Tough day for the kid. Not all his fault, but Babs did the right thing and pulled him, and McCollum did enough to allow Z and the boys to win it for us. Good for him, getting that first NHL win.

I feel sorry for Nolan. He saw the train wreck coming even before it happened, called the timeout at the right time, but his team just does not have the chops to stand up to a determined onslaught like the Wings gave them the last 40 minutes of this game. I would not want to be a Buffalo fan right now. For their sake, thank goodness for the promise of McDavid.

And I am LOVING this apparent competition between Tats and Nike, each batting a goal out of the air in the last two games. Gunning for the team lead in goals. These two are the real deal. They know where to be, and they've got the reaction time and the hands to score even in non-ideal conditions, before the opposing D can react.

It was a VERY ugly 1st period. After yesterday's win, I wasn't surprised that there was a letdown. But I wasn't expecting a complete collapse like there was. The kids were coughing up the puck right and left. The vets weren't much better. It was like watching a completely different team from the night before.

Until Z and the boys decided to play hockey! You can see his calm, even in his post-game interview. A little bit above ho-hum, more than just another day at the office, but still closer to that than most players would mentally approach it. Stupendous for the younger players to see it and participate, allowing themselves to validate their own belief in themselves. Not that we want to put ourselves in that position, but if we actually do, they KNOW they can get out of it if they just decide to play a determined game. The demonstration of will was astounding!

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What a game!!


I admit I was disgusted and walked away when it was 3-0 (thank God for DVR!) and I looked on my laptop, well, Nyquist makes it 3-1, then Miller 3-2 and then I went back downstairs in time to see Tatar tie it and Z take over the third period.


  One point behind Tampa with a game at hand, but more importantly we have an 11 point lead over 9th place Florida. A double digit lead on a playoff spot going into a week off for the All Star break. Life is good!!

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@yave1964  @SpikeDDS


I don't know what Babcock said to his team in the locker room but it sure worked!  These guys pulled a complete 180 and really took the game back.  True what you say about Mrazek, but you every now and then, a goalie needs to get really shelled just to keep him humble, and make sure he doesn't get complacent.  I'm sure he'll bounce back on Thursday.

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