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Can't rest easy just yet


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Although we played one of more-inspired games here lately, even though we gave up two pretty bad goals--defensively, not on Howard...for a change--this was the kind of comeback victory we have had throughout the season, back in the good 'ol pre-March, pre-deadline days. Remember those?

OK, Howard could be faulted for leaving that one rebound out in front, but quite honestly, it was a toe save on the original shot, and that shot was from the slot from an unopposed player--the biggest problem was the D, not Howard on that one. I would LIKE him to control his rebounds better, but I can't jump on him too hard on that one. He made quite a few tough saves when he couldn't see. He was tracking pucks pretty well last night.

The only bad news came out of Pittsburgh, where the Penguins went up 3-0 on the Sens, and the proceeded to let Ottawa tie it up at the end of the 3rd and go on to win in OT. We better just be thanking our lucky stars that the Senators waited as long as they did before turning it on. In the end, THINK it will be an effort that started a day late and came up a dollar short, but congratulations to them for making this run and, if nothing else, giving them solid hope for continuing their play next year. With the Hamburglar, they've got the working for a solid playoff team that could go well beyond the first round. If I were the top teams in the Eastt, I'd be pulling for the Red Wings to eliminate Ottawa. I would NOT. Want to face them in the first round.

But the Wings magic number is 2 points, and I'm confident we can make that happen. Hank and Pavel FINALLY put the team on their backs and did what you expect your leaders to do--win games for you. When was the last time you saw Z make a shot like his goal last night? It was PRETTY, even if he WAS by himself in front of the net.

Let's also acknowledge Nyquist waking up and playing like he's supposed to here lately. Even though his shot should have been stopped last night, that's the reward you get when you continue to fire pucks at the net.

Now, we gotta get Tats going too. You can just feel his confidence shrinking because nothing is going in. Getting these four players firing on all cylinders is the key to any success we are going to have. When these four ante playing their game, they make the others around them better.

Helm was a real threat last night too. Several plays where he JUST came up short of breaking loose. He is fun to watch.

Two points down. Two to go, no thanks to Pittsburgh. PENGUINS SUCK! EVEN WHEN I'M (gulp) PULLING FOR THEM, THEY STILL SUCK!

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Thank God we recalled Ferarro and put him in for Cleary who took a dumb penalty leading to Washingtons first goal and was on the ice for their other. 8 minutes of ice time and just putrid play on Saturday by the ghost of Dan Cleary. Ferraro didn't do much, but he didn't have to, he simply had to not lose the game.

Howard, two good games in a row. I don't know what to say about the defense or the netminding, and the best coach in hockey seems perplexed as well.

A banged up Montreal club and then Carolina again, I thought we had it clinched last night until the Penguins blew a three goal lead to the Senators. Rooting hard for the Capitals tonight against the Bruins.

Sooo.... if the Wings are in, it leaves 2 of the following 3 in, the Penguins, Bruins and Senators. Who do you want on the outside looking in?

I think a lot of fans would automaticly go to the Crosby bunch but I detest the Bruins and wish them nothing but ill will. I am hoping the Caps knock them off tonight, and they lose out, the Sens and Pens get the wildcard with the Wings as a 3 seed. Here is hoping.

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I guess that's what happens when Detroit fans actually root for the Penguins.  What did we expect, eh?  :)


I really enjoyed watching that game last night -- for a change!  Everybody played well, and mistakes are always going to be a part of hockey, this time, they just hurt a little bit more.  Glad they pulled it out, though!


As for your question @yave1964, it may seem like I am automatically going for the "Crosby bunch", but I would rather see the Pens fail.  The Sens have busted their tails to get where they are and they deserve the shot to see how far they go.  And I gotta say that I just like the Bruins more than the Pens.  "Stick with the Six" as I was told many years ago!  Perhaps it's a distant hope that, as part of the Eastern Conference now, the Red Wings will develop a healthy rivalry with Boston as opposed to Pittsburgh.  Right now we haven't achieved that with anyone on this side of the League yet, with the possible exception of Toronto (and all the Winter Classic hullabaloo).  


Boy, do I miss eight games against the Blackhawks every year...

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