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Marcus Kruger

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How much is #16 worth?


I think the best comparison on the Blackhawks roster is Andrew Shaw. 


Shaw is getting $2.0M, 2 years younger, and provides more offense. Kruger, though, does all of the little things. He kills penalties, wins faceoffs. He is offensively gifted, sort of like a Sean Couturier in Philly, who is 3 years younger and makes $1.75M. I think Couturier has a higher offensive ceiling, as evident by his point production. 


So how much is Kruger worth? Definitely not $2.0 due to his low offensive production on the fourth line, but more than $1.0M for your average 4th liner. Is it a number like $1.75M? I think so. Anything north of $2.0M could lead to another RFA traded out of town.



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1.5 to 1.8 sounds about right. He does all the little things, is a spear carrier who still could put up a few more points as the years go by.

I don't think Couturier is a good comparison as Couturier is a 3rd liner who a lot of people argue should move up to a top six role to find out if he has another gear. I think Boyle in Tampa is a better example, excepting the age. Very comparable players.

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