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Duncan Keith - success despite personal problems

JR Ewing

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Since last summer, skating always has been the easy part for Keith no matter how many minutes he played as he found refuge in the rink. Any physical challenges paled in comparison with the emotional struggles Keith has endured since the separation from his wife, Kelly-Rae, a year ago. Intensely private, Keith decided to broach the personal issue publicly only now to help explain his absence from this weekend's Blackhawks Convention. In short, dad duty called and Keith answered, opting to spend the weekend in Canada with 2-year-old son, Colton, who takes after his father in the energy department based on Keith's proud description.


"Obviously, I'd really like to be there at the convention because I always enjoy meeting new fans and seeing old ones, so that's a little frustrating not being able to celebrate with all of them,'' Keith said. "But in my own situation, I am going through a divorce. I've been separated for over a year now. I think right now my time needs to be spent with my son and I'm doing everything I can to spend as much time with him and dealing with a lot going on right now. I hope everybody can respect that and our privacy. Kelly and I are doing our best to co-parent Colton and raise him in a loving environment whether he's with her or with me. This is part of that.''




There are people who go through this experience and lose weight, forget to eat, and/or pretty much let themselves go. Duncan Keith not only took care of himself during that time, but excelled. I hope his life off the ice can be happier, and that he can spend as much time with his son as possible. For the players, spending time with family is tough enough during the season, but when separation and then divorce enters the picture, it would be even more difficult.


Real life. It's not always easy.

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