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On to Phase II


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Las Vegas and Quebec have been moved on to phase two of the expansion process. Initially, only Las Vegas was announced, but within a couple of hours, Quebec was added. In the second step, prospective owners will give further information about the market to the league, and will have information that the league deems important made available to them, according to Bill Foley, who is leading the Las Vegas bid.


While there are reports that this phase will end by September 4, although Commissioner Gary Bettman says that the league has no firm deadline. He also insists, that two team expansion, one team expansion and no expansion are all on the table.





The further this goes, the more clear it seems to me that expansion is coming. This is pure speculation on my part, but I get the feeling that Bettman wants expansion to Las Vegas, and Las Vegas alone. The league has functioned with an odd number of teams in the past, but such a situation is obviously less than ideal. In the end, I suspect that the Board of Governors will insist on an even number of teams and that we'll see a 32-team league. Then again, I may be dead wrong.

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If Bettman is good at anything its....

Well okay he's not good at anything...including keeping secrets.


Rule of thumb is that if there is a rumor going around that the NHL finds credible enough to have Bettman deny it, then it's probably true.  Vegas will have a team and Quebec City will have a team.  The league is currently running with an odd number of teams, and making millions doing so.  Add one more team in Vegas, you get an extra $100 million Dollars a year in additional revenue.  Add another team in Quebec City and you go back to an odd numbered system, but you get yet another $100 million dollars in revenue.    


*Footnote: This post was written, and is intended to be read, in the tone of a reluctant realist.  I hate the though of having an NHL team in Vegas.  It's a sham, and it's turning the notion of professional hockey into a circus.  I can only imagine the Las Vegas Knights Ice Girls....will they be showgirls or something silly and medieval, like "The Damsels"?  

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The league is currently running with an odd number of teams, and making millions doing so. 


Actually, while the conferences are unbalanced, the league doesn't have an odd number of teams. There are currently 30.

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