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Oh, Oh Oh O'Reilly!


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s-l225.jpgMake no mistake, this is Ryan O'Reilly's team. Period.

  I have watched him play for years now, a finess player on the ice who comes across as a a modern day Carl Brewer. for those old enough to remember Brewer, he was a cerebral great player who took on management at every turn. I even thought O'Reilly might be the first NA star or semi-star to leave for the KHL a few years ago before Russia hit the wall financially.

  In Colorado, he was a square peg in a round hole, they never seemed to figure out what they had.

  Dans-l225.jpg Bylsma knows. "He is better than advertised both on the ice and off. No matter what situation I put him out there and I know he is going to get the job done." said his gushing head coach.


  Among his stats, he is 7th in the league in points scored, he leads all forwards with over 21 minutes a night, a number usually reserved for top tier defenseman, he is second in Hockey in faceoffs and is winning them at an insane 59 percent. And the top shelf offensive production has not taken away from his amazing defense, which has always been among the best in the game.

  He needed away from Colorado who never seemed to know what a special player he was. Buried behind Duchene, Landeskog and MacKinnon, he now is the boss of the buffalo Sabres, the go to guy and he seems to love it. He has made this team his own.

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