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Not even trade bait.....


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Our goalies I mean. Here's hoping they start Bibeau tomorrow. Jeeze, all we want is for our goalies not to score on themselves. Let shots that aren't even on goal go wide on their own.


The best way to use Reimer and Bernier right now is to let them play for the opposition.... :angry:


Rant over... :hocky:

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On the bright side, Reimer's MO seems to be that he allows one softie (to spot the other team an early lead), and then he goes all Hasek on them the rest of the way in. Statistically, he's not playing bad. Not great, but not bad. He's every bit as good as Bernier.


Bernier likes to randomize his softies. You never know when the freebie will come.


Scoring goals also helps win hockey games. The Leafs are the worst offensive team in the NHL. That being said, I think we're very close to seeing Bibeau make his debut... maybe even tonight. This team isn't playing for anything this year, so there's nothing to lose by playing the rookie. It's a great year for him to get NHL experience.  :)

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