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  1. Sadly, I think you're right WOW. It isn't tough defensemen they need, it's tough defence - as in team defence, not just the actual defensemen. I agree though that it's a long season and we still have time for these guys to start playing as a team. Here's hoping JT can light a little fire under these guys......
  2. Watching the game last night against the Lightning, the only impression I got was that Tampa Bay looks really good. Beyond that, all was as it has been the last 50 years or so....... Tampa should be a serious contender for the Cup. Is there a "jealous" or "envy" smiley??
  3. Schplatttttttt. That was the sound of the Maple Leafs balloon hitting the ice surface at 'grand central' arena. They still have no team determination, no will to force their will on the other guy. Don Cherry said it so eloquently " they have no toughness". They can't win if it's hard. If one of the superstars are hot on any given night they will win on talent alone, but they can't win by imposing their will on the other guy - that's how Stanley Cups are won and without it, they have no chance..... Very, very, disappointing. Just another wasted 82 games.
  4. I have been "watching from afar" in the debate about who should be the Leafs captain, if there should be a captain, etc. I cast my vote for JT. Nothing against any of the other candidates (the Matthews thing is just the hype machine IMHO and is not worth giving a second thought.) Just my 2 cents worth....
  5. No comments on Marner's contract? 6 years at US $10,893,000.00 per. I think he is well worth the money. I was glad to see him signed.
  6. I have always liked the larger rink. Just personal preference I guess.
  7. The Leafs need a personality transplant. The team has no identity - at least not one that will result in more wins and mastery over the hated Broons. They are not a hitting team, but they are not a non-hitting team either. They have no power play and no PK either. The leafs team needs a big injection of character. Nylander has to go - he is a locker room poison IMHO and a deadweight around the team neck. Matthews stunk last year IMHO. That has to change. I'm getting depressed writing this........ Heading out for eighteen holes........
  8. The idea might be to have Hakstol coach the "special teams" ? Just spitballing. ??
  9. I took Bruins in 6. I really can't see the Blues doing it. I think the Bruins simply have more mental and physical toughness. The Blues will get sucked in to Boston's style, and no one in the league is as good as the Broons at that.....
  10. A real entertaining game (Canada vs Switzerland). No way did I see the end coming that we saw once it got past 1.00 minutes left and the goalie out. I thought we were done for. I never knew Mark Stone was as good as he is. I especially love the early games now that I am retired and can watch them.
  11. Now that golf season is in full swing (pun intended), I just can't watch any more of the Gary Bettman parity (or is it parody?) bush league hockey. Blown calls not made, blown calls made, it's unbelievable. There I've said it. See ya next year fellas. FORE!!!!!
  12. LOL. I was never a fan of OV, but congrats, I guess....
  13. I don't think Finland winning was much of a surprise at all. It certainly wasn't for me. I will be surprised, however if Canada doesn't pull up it's socks.
  14. All Bruins fans should be thrilled with the Bruins' performance so far this entire season, not just play-offs. The only team I am still following......
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