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  1. If the referees do their job, Lucic doesn't have to do anything. End of play with a penalty, possible suspension. Not a big fan of Lucic but he did what he should have done IMHO. I voted "no".
  2. I voted "no". Just one of those things - a hockey play. And I'm not one of Malkin's fans.
  3. BluPuk


    I see where Hobie is coming from. Marner actually reminds me of my all-time favourite Leaf - Dave Keon. I also agree with flyercanuck - Marner is no Gretzky or Keon but it sure is nice to have players who even remind us of past great players. So, all we need now is a Darryl Sittler and we're good to go ....
  4. Yah, it can be kind of odd watching NHL hockey these days. Periods of tight checking, systemised defence, mechanical power plays, all wrapped up by amateur refereeing and unnecessary fighting. Players elbowing star players in the head as they speed by, because they have zero chance of ever catching the guy because those two players do not belong on the same ice. Followed by what I can only describe as "keystone cops" (google it) hockey, where both teams have their 4th line out and are so bad it is actually laughable. In all honesty, I had never laughed out loud due to lack of skill at an NHL game until this year. The last bloody thing the NHL needs is another team. They need to drop the weak franchises until they get to either 12 or 16 teams. Rant over.
  5. Right now, I'd take a dust bunny and a breath mint for him. He has become a pox on this team. A detriment. A ball and chain. A distraction. Counterproductive! Pick your own negative. When this is all over, his 'agent' might have to find himself some employment.
  6. Ghost of Lupul? Now that's nasty!
  7. There are rumours floating around now that any kind of long-term contract is off the table for Nylander. So it seems a bridge deal will be what he gets, likely at no more than 5M and certainly no more than two years. If he doesn't go for that offer, then I suspect the only move the Leafs can make is to trade him. The sooner the better IMHO.
  8. How many of those "comparables" played with Matthews as their centre? It's not about numbers alone. Do you think he's an 8M dollars a year player? My hockey sense after watching him for a full 82 games says he is not worth anywhere near 8M.
  9. Is this true? If it is, it doesn't make Nylader worth 8M, it makes Eichel and Draisaitle overpaid.....
  10. But this is true now, JR. -You mean like Phoenix, Dallas, Colorado, just to name a few? They are already there. The cap can not build or help a poor franchise. The cap can only make payments to teams that cannot make it on their own - these are teams which should not exist at all. Their market cannot sustain a team and make money. The cap is only there to shore up the financial statements of the poor teams. The Rangers have a GREAT audience and fan base as well as billions of dollars, but they cannot build a championship team because the cap prevents them from doing so. OK I hereby drop out of this thread.
  11. Could not have said it better myself, WOW. I hope it happens but all the NHL owners and Gary butt-man will only do what brings them more money. They don't care 2 poops about the product on the ice. Last year, an expansion franchise made it to the Stanley Cup finals! It would be the end of teams in places where hockey is not a popular sport, and lessen the possibility of that big, lucrative national TV contract .
  12. We Leafs fans deserve this. I'm sure it will end at some point, but I for one, am going to enjoy it while it lasts. I've been through the Imlach era (which at least started out well), the Ballard era, the Sundin era and now I'm going to enjoy this new Shanny era. Matthews is an absolute beast - the genuine article. Tavares is awesome and just wants to win for Toronto a proven star who is willing to play whatever role is needed. And Marner - he is just unbelievable. It's the dawn of a new era WOW, and we made it here! Woot!, Woot! Bring it!! PS: - I forgot to mention Kadri and Reilly. This is fun!
  13. Gimme a break guys. Rick Nash will never see an NHL rink again from ice level as a player. Period IMHO.
  14. Not a big fan of Karlsson. Never been. Not sure why, but I find his game to be a little "sloppy" at times. I think everyone needs to take a turn sweeping the floor. I think he is overrated. Between the two players you mention, I'd be much happier with Tavares. Can't beat the home team discount.
  15. If the Boston Bruins are not competing for first place in their division I will be very, very surprised. They haven't got the talent they have had in past years, but they still have 'guts'. My second favourite team to watch.

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