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  1. Now that golf season is in full swing (pun intended), I just can't watch any more of the Gary Bettman parity (or is it parody?) bush league hockey. Blown calls not made, blown calls made, it's unbelievable. There I've said it. See ya next year fellas. FORE!!!!!
  2. LOL. I was never a fan of OV, but congrats, I guess....
  3. I don't think Finland winning was much of a surprise at all. It certainly wasn't for me. I will be surprised, however if Canada doesn't pull up it's socks.
  4. All Bruins fans should be thrilled with the Bruins' performance so far this entire season, not just play-offs. The only team I am still following......
  5. BluPuk


    Once again I have to call "bush league" on the NHL. I agree 100% with the OP.
  6. I think the Broons have the best shot at the cup now. That is , if 1 forward line, one defence pairing, and Rask can last that long before running out of gas....
  7. He is just coming around now.
  8. That he made a big mistake. I just can't see Nylander ever earning his huge salary. Trading him will leave us holding at least half of his salary and not getting a 7.9 million dollar player back.. Having an eye for talent is not something that can be taught. Maybe we should have gone for Mark Hunter to replace Lou L.
  9. I have changed my opinion of young Kyle Dubas' over this signing.
  10. I would call this the soccer rule. (as in no body contact). The first "offence" is not even a penalty IMHO. Besides, no new rule is required at all if you just let the refs call penalties as they see them. The infraction in the first replay would be, at most 2 minutes for interference, (a penalty which is already in the book). The second offence could be given as 4 minutes for interference again, using a rule which already exists and can already be called by a competent referee. I would also assess the "victim" with a two minute diving penalty. Creating a new rule will result in a rash of unnecessary, exaggerated calls. Edit: one of the biggest issues I have with this kind of micromanagement, is that there is absolutely no onus on the players with the puck to "keep their head up". Come on, IIHF this is hockey - or it's supposed to be. Leave well enough alone......
  11. LOL. Absolutely unbelievable. I'm speechless. ps - I think Hyman should go through the full appeal process. I don't see how given he's a first-time offender, and looking at the other 2-games suspensions of the past, that anyone could consider this a fair judgement. Yah, I'm a Leafs fan, but even so....
  12. I'll just say I've seen a lot worse......
  13. Matthews is a real bull. All we need now is to protect him....
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