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  1. The team with no heart. The ship with no navigator. The player this team really needs isn't on the current roster. You bring back JVR, Bozak has to go. Yah, I know that sounds awful negative, it also rings very true from a fan who has watched the Leafs win 4 Stanley Cups. Toughness - both physical and mental. That's what this team needs.
  2. The following are the opinions of this author only .... Andersen - not at the level we need to become a serious contender. Bozak - has to go. Leafs will never amount to a hill of beans with Bozak as its #2 centre. We have one true defenceman only - Reilly. Zach Hymen??? Better check your spelling there .... Matthews. I very much don't like what I saw in the last playoff series. He was non-existant. It's very concerning. Total lack of mental toughness as a team. Team has no ID and no character. Oh, and a squeaky new rookie GM.
  3. Well, I'm going to just toss this out there to see if it has any traction. I think the way Vegas has succeeded is a result of having a terrific goaltender (who seriously had his pride ruffled by being "let go" and therefor is motivated to play his arse off) and the poor (mediocre at best) level of play and talent in the NHL. The Vegas nights have no 'stars' at all on their roster of out skaters. Not one. Due to the "set up" of the draft, there were none to be had (with the exception of Fleury). But there was an entire team (teams, actually) of middle-of-the-road players. The fact that a mediocre team can win over teams in the NHL based on the superstar-and-others model is not surprising at all. There is simply not enough talent to go around thanks to the hard cap. You spend for your superstar (if you are lucky enough to even get to bid on one) and you have very little left over. Not enough for any team to dominate or separate themselves from the pack. Makes for very boring hockey IMHO. Bring back the years of the great teams. Who am I kidding? Like that's gonna happen. BTW, I am now cheering for the Golden Knights.....
  4. I never believed it, WOW. I think they should have adopted the orphan in stead of hiring him. It would have been cheaper.
  5. Welcome aboard the train to nowhere, JOe!!! Glad to have you.
  6. I believe John Chayka of the Arizona Coyotes is even younger.
  7. I'm afraid I know very little about this kid other than he is a stats guy, not a hockey guy. I am concerned.....
  8. Many congrats to the Lightning and most especially to TropicalFruitGirl !!! Well done getting rid of the Broons. P.S. I called Bruins in 6 .......
  9. It's a tough call. I'm having a really hard time making up my mind on this one. Only Matthews and Babs know what was said between them. It's obvious that Auston was not playing his best and I don't know why not. Maybe Lou's departure and the end of the "hair" rule will make a difference. We won't get the real answer until next season...
  10. Yah, so I see. Needless to say I'm very surprised at that but keeping him involved is a good idea IMHO. Their pick as a replacement for Lou will be very interesting to see. It's really tough to put together a cup team in the NHL - unless you're an expansion team.
  11. First step - re-sign Lou.
  12. IMHO WOW, I think the series was really lost in game 4 in TO. A game that would have been cake to win - easily Boston's worst game of the series. It was a gift from us to them. Here's hoping some moves are made in the off-season to improve our team, although I have no suggestions on what those moves might be. Should they keep Lou? Big decision for Shanny.
  13. Well, here we go again. A game 7 vs the Bruins in their rink. Fingers crossed. We can do this!!