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  1. My thoughts on the Flyers are that you guys are hurt by your own success. You win just enough (and recently enough) that the GM can't blow things up. You're going through that "9th place" phase that the Leafs went through about 15 years ago where they were just competitive enough to give false hope and prevent the team from rebuilding.
  2. Taking a run at the Penguins/Sabres record? Make it happen! Is this why the forum has been so quiet lately? If you can't have this you can always do this If it makes you feel any better, the Leafs have a great team that hardly ever plays and that nobody in Toronto is allowed to watch. So long story short, it doesn't matter whether your team wins or loses.... if you can't watch the @$&% games due to covid.
  3. The best part about the NHL not going to the Olympics is that now I can watch hockey during what would have been the Olympic break, instead of being forced to watch the Olympics on TV. It's perfect. I'm boycotting the Olympics (by not watching them) because of where they're located, so having the NHL running a crap ton of games during that time slot is perfect.
  4. I love how this thread just totally died after my China post. Then it says "4 weeks later..." before the next post. rofl
  5. LIES! ALL LIES!!! (Sorry, Austin Powers movie reference lol.) I specifically went with the city only and not the surrounding area for every city I listed for simplicity sake! (Otherwise Hamilton gets to count the entire GTA as well and that cancels your 8.5M real quick.) Just SMASH that LIKE button! They sent the Winnipeg Jets to Phoenix to become the biggest and longest standing flop in NHL history. Imagine if the NHL had: Left the Jets in Winnipeg Left the Nordiques in Quebec Left the North Stars in Minnesota Left the Whalers
  6. At the end of the day, the NHL is going to do what it's going to do. They probably will choose Houston as their next destination. The NHL has made it very clear with their expansion/relocation decisions (Panthers, Coyotes, Thrashers, etc.) that they're not interested in putting hockey teams in proven hockey markets where they can draw money. The NHL is interested in putting hockey teams in non-hockey markets with the dream of creating a new hockey market where none exists. They're always chasing the dream at the expense of existing fans. Almost like the NHL tries to punish Canadian hockey fans
  7. So the Toronto Blue Jays are worth more than the Boston Red Sox? (mic drop) From Google search: Boston: ~685,000 population Toronto: ~2.93 million population Should we relocate the Boston Red Sox from their "podunk" US town into Montreal? Montreal: ~1.78 million population That's the logic you are using right now. I know what you're saying but I'm trying to explain to you (kindly) why your thinking is wrong. You're basically sitting on a financial "egg" that will never hatch. It's also worth mentioning that
  8. Franchise "value" is a subjective figure. It's also wildly inaccurate. The team is worth what someone will pay for it. More accurately, the team is worth the sum total of all the players it currently has plus the value of the brand itself. The fact that American owners don't want to own teams in Canada has nothing to do with their ability to make money and everything to do with the owner's vanity/homer-ism/tax dodging efforts/whatever it may be. So it hurts the "value" of the Canadian teams somewhat to be in Canada but doesn't hurt the business. It's no different than real-estate.
  9. Ottawa's arena location is ridiculous. It's so far outside of Ottawa that it actually catches you off-guard if you ever drive to Ottawa. You'll be driving along in the middle of nowhere and suddenly there's a building and a parking lot. As you drive by and see the signage you realize "oh... that's where the Sens play... how strange". Restaurants and other businesses would open up IF there was an NHL team there. Strong businesses help fuel other small businesses. Plus, I'm sure they could build an exit on the highway and deal with bus routes IF they have reason to. All of those
  10. Attendance != Revenue Ticket prices x Attendance = Revenue I think Houston would be another colossal mistake just like Phoenix was. All you would have is another NHL team in a large US city that gets no fan or media attention and that generates no serious revenue. The reason the NHL doesn't want to relocate is because they know it'll flop in Houston too. If Houston was such a viable hockey market the NHL would have been there 20 years ago already. Even the league knows it's a dud. Despite the currency exchange rate and the smaller population, the richest NH
  11. That's because the Stars recognize that their fanbase is small and splitting it with another team would kill both franchises. Sooner or later the NHL will need to accept reality: There is no correlation between the population of a city and the number of NHL hockey fans it has. Teams run on actual revenue, not potential revenue. Hamilton and Quebec City are the best locations where fans would pay real top dollar to watch hockey. National TV contracts aren't worth anything if your product is one of the freebies/thrown-ins in that lineup and gets dropped soon
  12. I know I was just being funny. The LIKE button is right here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
  13. I agree, but businesses don't run on "potential" money. They run on actual money. Putting a team in Quebec City or Hamilton would be more profitable both now and in the future. The only reason the idea of Phoenix or Houston would be entertained is as a charity/non-profit organization or because the NHL is subsidizing it heavily with their revenue sharing money. Otherwise no businessman would invest in a hockey franchise in either of those locations. It's just bad business. If you run a home air conditioning business, you don't go to Alaska, Yukon, or the Northwest Terri
  14. If it's just about population, then Mexico City makes the most sense. Why not Tokyo? Jakarta? Delhi? You gain way more population in Tokyo than you do in Houston.
  15. It's probably hard for players to be motivated to give 100% effort in front of an empty building, especially if you know nobody is watching at home either. (At least it would be for me.)
  16. What I'd like to know is why US teams get this much effort put into saving them, and this many chances to succeed with so many new owners, but a struggling Canadian team (struggling only because of the exchange rate on the dollar, not a lack of attendance) is stolen away from the city faster than merchandise at a San Jose jewelry store. Side note: I want more LIKES.
  17. If someone calculates "new" sports statistics, or compiles statistical information in a meaningful way, would people pay money for access to it? The reason I ask is because I don't know what the legalities are surrounding the use of statistics in sports. We all throw around statistics here and generally accept that they're freely accessible and public knowledge but who tracks a stat like Corsi/Fenwick for example? The NHL or a 3rd party organization? Who supplies NHL statistics to sites like HockeyReference.com?
  18. What really irks me is that there are some good people there. I don't mind having a debate with people on hockey topics but the moment a moderator enters the debate and takes the opposing point of view, consider yourself blocked. It's over. They immediately silence people as a tool to win whatever hockey argument they're having. Here's an example of how life at HFBoards goes, and this is not an exaggeration: User: "Crosby is a better all around player than Ovie." Mod: "Nobody will remember Crosby in 20 years. Ovie is light years ahead of him. Only a fool would th
  19. I went back to HFBoards again for a few weeks (wanted more Leafs chat and activity) but got banned for the second time today (lol).... for the same reason as last time: having an opinion different from that of a moderator. I didn't break any forum rules but they just banned me to silence me. So I see nothing has changed there. It's still the sh_thole I remember it being. It's an absolute crime that they have so many users there. I'm wondering how many are really just re-opened accounts from banned users? Example: If they say they have 1,000,000 users, I'm guessing over 900,000 of t
  20. Well you can't win if your players don't perform, so the performance of all 20 individuals on that roster matters a great deal!
  21. Merry Christmas to all. Stay away from parades and watch out for hoodrats!
  22. Is Auston Matthews a playoff performer or not? Here is the data using CLUTCH: Matthews was evaluated based on goals, assists, points, faceoff winning %, and his Corsi For %. Thus, he was evaluated on every key facet of the game. As we can see from the data above (CLUTCH figures below 1.000 in almost every category), Matthews has yet to prove that he's a playoff performer. His offensive production drops significantly in the playoffs most years. The last performance tier/level for Matthews to obtain now is that of a superstar in the playoffs. Th
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