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Chicago deals garbutt to Anaheim for Sekac


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The Ducks and  Hawks made a minor deal that actually may help both teams.

  Ryan Ryan Garbutt stepping up for Chicago BlackhawksGarbutt who came over from Dallas for Patrick Shark was traded to the Ducks for Jiri Des nouvelles de Jiri Sekac en provenance d'Anaheim. - 1Sekac.

 Sekac is a skilled player, slippery and elusive with puck skills who seems to fit the mode of the Hawks more, and garbutt is sandpaper and grit and can score a bit if used right and seems to be an ideal fit for the Ducks. Neither played particularly well this season but both seem to have been moved to a team that suits their skill level. Garbutt in particular seems to ahve landed on a team that suits his style very well.

  Ironically this means that both players who came over for Sharp, Grabutt and Trevor Daley are both gone like a cool breeze, Daley was dealt to the Pens for the ghost of Rod Scuderi last month, so the trade now looks like Sharp for Scuderi and Sekac. Ooof.


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Agree with you @yave1964 that this deal places both players on teams that seem to be more their style. Was thinking the same thing when I first saw this announced.

I can't say I've seen much of Sekac in action, mostly read about the kind of player he is, what he is capable of and what he has done so far in the NHL. Still very young, so we really won't know his full potential for a couple years yet.

As for Garbutt...

I've seen enough of him when he was with the Stars to know that what you see is what you get from him. There is no hidden "upside" to him at this stage of his career, but like you said, he brings all the sandpaper you could want, an agitator extraordinaire if you will, plus some occasional scoring.

At their very best, that is exactly what Anaheim does: irritates the bejeezus out of you, hits you, then scores on you. Garbutt (along with Vernon Fiddler and Antoine Roussel) in Dallas play in that very same fashion. In fact, Garbutt-Fiddler-Roussel was a regular agitating, yet reasonably productive line for Dallas for a while.

I get the feeling Anaheim is seeing that kind of potential in Garbutt, and their hope is he can play with the same intensity he had while with the Stars but seems to have lost a bit while with the Hawks.

Ducks look to have enough young talent already that they feel they can spare Sekac, while the Hawks gain yet another young talent that they hope to mold into their usual championship caliber type player.

Good deal for both sides.

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