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Leafs vs. Habs


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OK, here we go. Saturday night, Hockey night in Canada national telecast. The losing Habs vs the losing Leafs....

Whenever the Leafs play the Habs on TV it brings back memories of my older brother (he is a flaming Habs fan) and I wrestling on the linoleum in the TV room until there was sweat and blood on the floor. Then my mom would blow the whistle and give us the "any more fighting and the TV goes OFF!!" LOL

We would then sit at opposite ends of the couch and you could feel the hate in the room. :mad:

The poor Habs have been crying in the media so much lately that I think they should change their toilet seat logo to this:





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And after one period we can see how this one is going already....  :rolleyes:

Sung to tune of GhostBusters by Ray Parker Jr.:

"When you're losing games..... and you don't look good..... who you gonna call?  :mapleleafs::mapleleafs: Slump Busters!:mapleleafs::mapleleafs:

"I ain't afraid of no slump!"

"Busting out (of my scoring drought) makes me feel good!"

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2 hours ago, BluPuk said:

LMAO. Two bad teams in a contest to see who is baddest. :(

Habs get this one.... :mad:

I knew Montreal was going to win this game, but I was expecting a rout. ie: 4-0, 5-0, etc. One of those "statement" games that the Habs were turning things around. It started off like it early on, but then the Habs didn't finish them off.

Whatever is wrong with the Habs, it's terminal. They can't be fixed. Even if they squeak into the playoffs this year, they're going to get destroyed in round one. So more power to them. They can enjoy finishing 8th or 9th and accomplishing nothing (as usual). They do it so well. :ahappy:

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