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You Don't Steal the Moose Leg


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You know people talk about Flyer fans. But their problem is that they've never been to a game in Flin Flon when the opposing team tries to steal the sacred frozen moose leg that gets  tossed to the ice, causing a brawl.




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16 hours ago, AlaskaFlyerFan said:

I didn't see the moose leg.  It must have walked before the camera got turned to that end of the ice!


Yeah, I couldn't see it either. You know it was there though. Good to see that player take the inititiave and get the moose back to the home team. Can't have your mascot or good luck charm kidnapped like that at home. That's just not on. And in Flin Flon, Manitoba, it's a frankly dangerous thing to try to do!

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