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Scott Stevens hired as Assistant coach of the Wild


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Nothing like a hate the player / luv the coaching signing here for the Wild.   :572958dc408d9_shakeshead:


Although I'm not a huge fan of either Brodreau or Stevens I think that this is a great mix for the Wild and it gives them a strong minded coaching staff to deal with some of the veteran players that ran the last two coaches out of town.

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Well, here comes the roster and coaching turnover......


Hate to say it, but the Wild DO need a shake up.

Not all sure if Stevens is the man to help the team along (not sure about Boudreau either yet), but one thing is for sure: These two have a very focused opinion on how teams should play.

And it appears, BOTH favor a heavier, hard hitting style, mixed in with some finesse.


Like I said in the Coach Boudreau thread, that is all well n good (on paper, it is fantastic), but the proof will be in the playing and the championship caliber play.

I still think the currently constructed Minnesota Wild are poorly equipped to play a Boudreau OR a Stevens style of play. Which means, I expect some players to be replaced.


And will this all lead to a championship? Or will it simply lead to a Minnesota Wild team that makes the playoffs every year, but never wins anything, ala the St. Louis Blues?

Time will tell that as well.


For the here and now, I will say I am excited about having a Boudreau / Stevens combination to spice things up in the State of Hockey.

I would like some championships to follow though............Zach Parise, Mikko Koivu, and Ryan Suter (three of the most expensive Wild players) aren't getting any younger ya know....

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