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Vrbata to float down the Wing for the 'Yotes

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th?&id=OIP.M6e3eac39077ba77e505b24a7357b It looks as if the Coyotes have decided to bring back Radim Vrbata once again.

  In recent years, players such as Boyd Gordon, Antoine Vermette, Zbynek Michalek among others have been brought back for a second or third tour of duty, the latest returnee according to numerous sources is Vrbata who toiled for six years in Arizona previously, averaging 25 goals a year. He left as a free agent two seasons ago and had a career year in his first year in Vancouver with 31 goals and a career high 63 points.

  It all fell apart last season, he was moved off the top line and was disinterested in playing on any other line, instead of busting his tail and earning top line duties which when you look at the other candidates for the honor should not have been too hard, he had 13 goals, his lowest in a full season since 2004. His minus 30 was far and away his career low as well.

  He is 35, has a history of being a soft player and his skill is clearly eroding, I question the signing for the young Coyotes. I understand the need for secondary scoring, I understand the need of a veteran presence and they hope that he will make the fine folk in Arizona feel fuzzy about his homecoming, but he literally pouted his way off the Canucks, he ruined the season for the promising young center Bo Horvat by skating up and down his lane as if he were a figure skater trying not to get hit. Is this the guy you want mentoring and setting the example for Domi, Duclair, Reider and the rest?

  I would not have touched him with a ten foot pole. Even if he scores 25 goals, then what? They are not going anywhere this season and by the time the kids are good he will be a distant memory, his lazy style of play could rub off. Pass.

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2 hours ago, mojo1917 said:

Best Headline anyone has come up with this month @yave1964

awesome !

Why thank you sir.


God I hate this time of year as a Hockey fan, it has come down to writing about Radim freaking Vrbata, lol.

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