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Training camp opens today


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On 9/22/2016 at 1:13 PM, BluPuk said:

I'm pretty sure that Leafs training camp for the 2016/17 season officially opens today!! Minus a few rather important players due to the WCH.

It hasn't hardly made the news, but I'm pumped!!


The way I see things playing out for 2016-17 is like this...


  • Matthews makes a respectable showing of himself in year one, but is no Connor McDavid. (I said 40-50 points over 82 games and I'll stick with that.) He will battle Kadri for the #1 spot, but Kadri will have it for now.
  • Bozak is traded away at the deadline because Matthews will have taken his spot. Leafs go forward with the 1-2 punch of Kadri and Matthews at center.
  • Andersen (if he didn't get hurt too badly already) should be able to hold things together in net for the Leafs and post decent but not great numbers. (It is the Leafs "D" after all.)
  • The Leafs lost Parenteau and Grabner during the summer. They did nothing to replace Parenteau's 20 goals. Grabner was useless, so no loss there. 
  • Matt Martin is a hit machine, but he can't score. No other significant adds to the forward group. 
  • The defensive group is the same old group again that finished near the bottom of the league in GA. No real positives here to speak of besides an improving Rielly and Gardiner. Gardiner should be excellent trade bait going forward so that the Leafs can acquire a stay-at-home defenceman. (Both players are vying for the same role and teams can't afford to carry two elite offensive defencemen any more.)

Long story short, I think the Leafs will be able to leapfrog floundering Senators and Red Wings teams to finish 6th in their division, but they won't be anywhere near a playoff spot. :)


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On 9/30/2016 at 6:02 PM, BluPuk said:

Sadly, I think you've got it about right, WOW. :hocky:


The good news is, the trend is upward.


Nylander was impressive last season during his brief stint. JVR can post solid numbers if the Leafs get 82 games out of him. The level of parity in the NHL is such that the Leafs can make big gains very quickly if things go well. 


Also, I think the Leafs are in the weakest division in the NHL now. Look at their opposition:


  • Lightning (the only real deal in this division)
  • Panthers (I think they will fluke their way to a great season, but I don't know how they're doing it)
  • Canadiens (Most overrated NHL team. Everything in front of Price sucks.)
  • Bruins (Yesterday's news.)
  • Red Wings (Playoff streak ends this year.)
  • Sabres (Suck)
  • Senators (Suck)



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