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Eklund rumor : Flyers in "heavy" pursuit of Karlsson....

Should the Flyers trade for Erik Karlsson?  

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  1. 1. Should the Flyers trade for Erik Karlsson?

    • Yes - The Flyers defense would be insanely good for years to come.
    • No - It would cost too much. Stay the course Hexy.

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It is strange with Elliot because his way of doing things is rather odd at how he accomplishes the end result, but it seems to work for him mostly, but at a higher level toward the end it's wanting, is the feeling I am left with.


I think he works when the circumstances are right on both sides, but deviation from the norm with a few quirks in between and that's when he might not shine at all, but then again does every goalie have his kryptonite?

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51 minutes ago, King Knut said:

Can this thread please be retired now? 



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      2017's stats:     Age Games  Goals Assists Points +/_ PPP Shots GWG TOI Gostisbehere 25 78 13 52 65 10 33 221 2 21.27 Karlsson 28 71 9 53 62 -25 18 191 2 26.44   I see no reason to trade for Karlsson.
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      Philly is close to having a defence other teams wish they had. Of course Karlsson would drive that envy home, but how about we do it this time on our own, as Rux mentioned, instead of trying to do what others have all the time?
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      You lost me at "Eklund".
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      Meltzer was tweeting about this.  He thinks the ask for EK starts with Ghost plus perhaps Simmonds and a first.  So there most likely is no way Karlsson, Ghost and Provorov wind up playing for the Flyers.  It's Karlsson & Ivan or heaven forbid EK and Ghost with #9 going to Ottawa, which would be muy no bueno.   If it were only money I would pursue Karlsson, hard because he's awesome... but I don't know that I want to, as others have said, give up our EK lite who is still improving,  a top forward, and our first round pick in a year when the better Hughes kid is the prize to do so.   I have been staunchly against blowing holes in our roster for magic beans during this "build". Even though Karlsson is one of the 3 best defensmen in the world, I don't think this is the area where our team needs improvement. This team needs goaltending and a 3C, the scoring winger has been added.    Edit: Meltzer's column today has the forward going to Ottawa being Koneckny...  um, no.  
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      SIgning Folin like Hextall just did is a much saner and appropriate move for the team at this time.   Between Ghost and Provorov, we have an incredible top pairing for the next decade+. And they're homegrown kids, building a team together.    EK, from all accounts, is a wonderful human being, and I'm sure he would be an incredible mentor. But he would cost not $8-9M / year. I think it's more like $10-12M. I would argue he's more valuable than a Tavares because of a defenseman's career longevity compared to forwards, and sheer time on ice.     
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      If you don't at least kick the tires on Karlsson, as a GM, you're probably not doing your job. However... There is still the matter of thje biggest inefficiency in the NHL.   1) Players get paid for points
      2) Many players who get points contribute to their teams getting outscored despite their point totals Finding the players who help the goal share while not getting enough points to move the salary dial is the golden ticket when filling out the roster.   I think Karlsson is great, but like most other players who score a lot, I'm not sure where he resides in that point I make above. He will command an absolute boatload of cap space, and for all of that the Sens get about same GF% when he's on ice compared to when he's off. You can't be wrong about players who cost this much. Yeah, yeah, you're an Oilers fan, JR, but... Let's compare him to McDavid (since he's the highest paid player in the league):   I took every teammate who played 60 minutes with both Karlsson and McDavid, and compared how their GF% fared with and without the two players in 2018.   Karlsson, 22 teammates. Better GF% with - 8 (best combo was Zack Smith, at +10.34%) Worse GF% with - 14 (worst match was Nate Thompson, at -20%) Average GF% difference with/without: -5.9%   McDavid, 22 teammates. Better GF% with - 21 (best combo was Darnell Nurse, at +25%.) Worse GF% with - 1 (only combo, Maroon, at  -1.9%) Average GF difference with/without: +19%)   Honestly, I was a bit shocked that more of Karlsson's teammates didn't do better while they were with him compared to when they weren't. At this stage of his career, with that ankle, I think Karlsson represents extreme risk. It could work for whichever team does it, but for that kind of cap hit, I want to outscore the opposition with regularity and uniformity.   As it pertains specifically to the Flyers: when you have a core of very good young defensemen, adding a player like Karlsson can throw a lot out of alignment, in good ways and in some ways which aren't as helpful. The Senators (rightfully) want a haul, and the combination of acquisition cost and cap cost are very high, and often, the best trade is the one you didn't make. If I were Ron Hextall, I wouldn't do it.  

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