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Atlantic Trade Deadline primer


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Division three, taking a look at the Atlantic division with the trade deadline coming up.


TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING Best record in Hockey since day one, simply rolling over people if anything gaining steam.

NEEDS umm, maybe a depth defender, that is about it.

TRADE BAIT Possibly their first rounder, lots of young kid bottom six forwards with upside.


TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 3 points ahead of the Bruins, 6 points ahead of the Canadiens, a lock for the postseason.

NEEDS already added Muzzin to the defense, supposedly looking for another defender and a bottom six forward, Luke Glendening has been linked here for two years.

TRADE BAIT no first rounder, they do have some solid Marlie defensemen who in the right deal could be moved.


BOSTON BRUINS 3 points behind the Leafs, 3 ahead of the Habs, a virtual lock for the playoffs. Pastrnak is the latest in a long line of injuries.

NEEDS secondary scoring to play with Krejci. Health. They need the team to get healthy and stay that way.

TRADE BAIT Last year they traded their number one in a package for Nash they have a history of being aggressive and will probably go all in with a package of picks and young prospects with Zboril mentioned as bait.


MONTREAL CANADIENS 4th place 6 points behind Toronto.5 points ahead of the Hurricanes. Not a lock but chances are good.

NEEDS They traded for Weise and Thompson because, get this, they went six weeks without a point from their 4th line! They desperately need one more top four defender of the shut down variety.

TRADE BAIT Lindgren is a real deal goalie prospect who teams have asked about, they have their first and two seconds, Toffoli has been mentioned.


BUFFALO SABRES 63 POINTS, 4 points out of a playoff spot in tenth place.

NEEDS Secondary scorer, Mittelstadt has been off to a glacially slow start and a middle six center is a must, resigning Skinner needs to happen, and a top four shut down defender would be huge.

TRADE BAIT, they have not one, not two but THREE first rounders to dangle, Alexander Nylander is always in the conversation lately too as someone they might use.


FLORIDA PANTHERS Last year they came hard and barely missed the postseason, not this year. Stick a fork in them.

NEEDS they need to figure out what to do about next year, they are rumored to be wanting to sign both Panarin and Bobrovsky if they can clear the money to do so.

TRADE BAIT Huberdeau has been rumored to be on the block tho the team has denied it. Hoffman is almost certainly on the block as is Brassard, Brassard is linked to the Jets. Reimer may be moved. In short, they are kicking tires on about everyone save for Barkov. They already have six picks in the top four rounds and will certainly have more within a week.


DETROIT RED WINGS Done. Stick a fork in them blow it up and start over.

NEEDS Futures. And to make a decision on several long  time fixtures.

TRADE BAITthey would like to resign Howard for less money and he seems willing to listen, They would like to keep Nyquist and he also is amicable, if not the Wings want a first for either. Luke Glendening is on the block, Vanek has a no move deal but has said he will waive it if dealt to the right team. Nick Jensen will be traded for a 3rd or 4th rounder. In short, they are going to keep Howie and Gus if possible and if not, load up on futures.


OTTAWA SENATORS Out of it since day one zero hour with Stone, Duchene and Dzingel is here.

NEEDS They have a ton of good solid fun young players they need to figure out if their trio of UFA forwards are coming back or not to aid in the rebuild. They have to do it now.

TRADE BAIT Duchene and Stone are huge, Ottawa would dearly love to resign them if not they want a pick, a roster player and a top prospect for each. Dzingel is rumored to be Columbus bound any day. Cody Ceci is rumored to being dangled and would be a huge get for someone as he is only a RFA next season. Any way you look at it the Senators are the team to watch over the next ten days.



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Very nice, Yave. I have come to expect nothing but to-the-point stuff from you.


As for the Lightning, I won't argue with your assessment, but I think a top nine winger this year would be a greater need, as opposed to last year, when the experienced defenseman was what they wanted.


Simmonds name keeps coming up, although  now his name is linked to other teams such as the Preds and Bruins...and those teams may be willing to part with more pieces to obtain him.


Bolts, believe it or not, may actually be looking for ways to PARE DOWN payroll...not because they don't want to be at a certain payroll, but because they know darn well they have guys they DO wanna keep (cough... Brayden Point...COUGH!!), whether they win or not this year, and need to pay them.


So a tough, experienced  top nine forward...even as a rental....and they may possibly part with a prospect NOT named Taylor Raddysh, maybe their 3rd rounder, and for the part about paring down payroll, maybe even JT Miller (5.25M) if the forward coming back is worth the rental.


Onto the Panthers, yea, no big comebacks for them this year...though I keep hearing some silly stuff about them trading for Panarin or Bobrovsky...or both.
Silly because both those can be had in the off season and they wouldn't have to deal out picks or prospects to do so.

Only way it makes sense to get Bob and Bread Man now would be if they had a shot at the playoffs....they don't, therefore they shouldn't.


Thank you once again, Sir, for taking the time out to do your write ups.
I may not respond to all of them, but I certainly read what you post...with interest.

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