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How Bad are the Jets?


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Limping into the playoffs, possibly losing out on the division crown that for awhile, it looked like they had a good bead on.
Yea, easy to say they are 'bad' right now.


Thing is, this team is REALLY tough to figure.
On paper, they should be plenty talented enough and plenty deep enough.....but the consistency sure isn't there.

When they look good, they look damned good....when they play like junk, man, they sure can make a fan wonder how in the hell they even GOT to a position at or neat the top of the Central.

Sure, they have had injuries (Big Buff being one of the primary ones) here and there, but you know, every team goes through that, and again, looking at their rosters they should have been able to maintain a level of competitiveness even missing a key player here and there.


Their tough heavy style seems suited perfectly for the playoffs (and you know, to be fair, they may still be...we will know soon enough), but I do also realize it is difficult to maintain that playstyle over 82 games THEN do it again in the playoffs....AND they seem to have had some issues dealing with smaller speedy teams, where Winnipeg can't seem to be able to focus their size advantage.


Goaltending-wise, look, I still think Connor Hellebuyck is a heck of a goalie, even though he has looked pretty average in some games this season....other times, his defense just left him with little chance on making certain stops.
Up n down he was this year....and Brossoit's stats seem to indicate he was BETTER than Connor?

Maybe the numbers say that, but let's not forget the Jets place their fortunes (and all the pressure that goes with it) on HellBoy, and with his much greater amount of minutes played, one still has to wonder how a guy like Brossoit would fare in larger sample sizes and dealing with the same pressures the number one guy does.


Also, some teams play differently when their backup is in rather than their starter. Usually, teams clamp down a bit more defensively with the backup...sorta "supporting him more" defensively...which leads, generally, to lower scoring games, but many times, creates an atmosphere where the goalie will be more successful in stopping quality shots, if he sees many to begin with.
Perhaps the Jets need to take that same philosophy when Hellebuyck is in there too if they see they are giving up way too many scoring opportunities and stop taking for granted that he will stop all chances, no matter how ridiculous the odds for him are?


Again, tough to figure these guys out!

At any rate, the playoffs are here, and the Jets are likely to get one of Dallas or Colorado (likely the Avs), one team, Dallas, has issues on scoring themselves and Colorado, well, once you get past their top line (and hopefully Varlamov isn't in Vezina mode), I feel the Jets should be able to take either.

I don't feel the Jets are bad in a big, big way in any particular area....more like a collection of little things, whether physical or mental, that just ADD UP to issues that make it seem like they are lacking in some big way.
I think if the team composes itself, go out with the purpose of dictating the game, take care of their own end first, THEN explode on a transition attack, they should be fine...particularly with a weak defensive team like the Avalanche or an offensively challenged team (unless Benn, Seguin, and Radulov take over the series), like Dallas.


I've seen teams bumble into the playoffs before, only to turn it up when it counts most and make a deep run, if not win the whole thing.
Pittsburgh of 3 seasons ago comes to mind right away.

Oh, and for Laine detractors....what a luxury to have an "awful" young player loaded with talent, having a 'sub par' year, yet STILL managing 30 goals...…. how terrible for the Jets.... 

On the flip side, Laine, Buff, Schieffle, and of course, Hellebuyck are gonna have to be well above average and everyone rowing in the same direction if this team is about winning anything other than a trip to the playoffs.


Jets may look "bad" going in...and the last sets of games may even support that, but its still on the Stars or Avalanche (just thought they may get St. Louis too or Nashville) to prove that they are, in fact, terrible.
Blues and Preds may expose the Jets...or somply eek out a series win, depending on which Jets squad shows up.
IMO, Nashville is the more dangerous of the two, because like the Jets, they have the talent and depth that SHOULD put them over the top, despite not playing like it.

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9 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

Oh, and for Laine detractors....what a luxury to have an "awful" young player loaded with talent, having a 'sub par' year, yet STILL managing 30 goals...…. how terrible for the Jets....


Fair enough, but he did score most of those goals in one game!

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11 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:


Well, ok...as long as he does that in the RIGHT games during the playoffs, all will be gravy! ;)


I'm not hopeful. Although he has looked better the last month.


You mention a number of interesting points in your OP, but IMO things really started to go down hill for them when they lost Morrissey. 

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