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Rumor: Pens/Wild talking Kessel for Zucker

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Multiple sites have reported on a possible Phil Kessel (and possible Jack Johnson) for Jason Zucker (and possibly Victor Rask) deal with the hold up being whether or not Kessel wants to play in Minnesota.


Looks to be part salary dump. Part get younger. Zucker makes about half as much as Kessel and is 4 years younger but also had half as many goals/points last year. Curious what the more knowledgeable posters think. I don't know much else about Zucker. Wonder if he likes hot dogs? :)

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I like Zucker quite a lot, two way player, great 5 on 5 guy which killed your Pens last year. He can score too, not like Kessel to be sure but offense is part of his game. In Pittsburgh I could easily see 30 goals, great even strength two way play and while he is nowhere near the player Kessel is on the power play he has never played with the likes of Crosby/Malkin/Letang either, but I would consider that the biggest drop off. 


  Rask is garbage pure and simple. He had a very good first year in the NHL, not great but showed promise and has done absolutely nothing since. I am sure if he is in the deal it is to make the salaries work. You dont want him trust me, he is slow and is kind of Brassard lite if you can picture that.

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Everyone wants Victor Rask...out of the league.  This was an awful idea on a number of fronts.  


1.  The Wild continue to submarine Jason Zucker's value by trying to sell him to everyone.  Everyone knows we're trying to get rid of him (still not sure why its that freakin' important to this organization at this time) so no one is going to give us crap for him.  Not sure why you'd want to do that.  We've ruined most of his trade value AFTER he had a rough season.  Moronic on the Wild's part (but that seems to be par for the course these days).


2.  Zucker has been nothing but a good citizen in Minnesota.  My theory is he got into it with the teams' veteran leader group (Suter and / or Parise) and thus they voted him off the island and the team is trying to oblige that aim.  Stupid as all hell to do, and flies completely in the face of the 'faster & younger' mantra to try to move a younger arguably faster player for an older and slower player so it looks foolish and short-sighted.  


3.  People within the organization cautioned Fenton not to try to trade for Kessel knowing or having a strong idea the Wild were on his limited no-trade list.  Fenton obviously felt that if he talked to him he could convince him and he failed miserably.  We supposedly had BFF Ryan Suter talk to him too and that didn't convince Phil either.  I don't blame Kessel one bit, we're not close to being a cup team even though the organization likes to keep saying we are.  We're not, we know it...and so does everyone else BUT THEM apparently.  


4.  Its the 2nd time they tried to deal Zucker and they failed.  It adds needless stress to Zucker and his family and if for some reason they can't find a way to move him.  It makes for a super awkward season if he's back.  


5.  It doesn't secure any future assets and the trade only would've made the team older and added more albatross contracts to its collection.  

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