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An elbow for an... elbow?



Remember when Zdeno Chara took ran Max Pacioretty face first into the stanchion or when Shea Weber grabbed the back of Henrik Zetterberg’s face and smashed it off the glass? Two of the most glaring examples of intent to injure ever seen in the NHL, zero suspension.

Fast forward to last night in Chicago where Jannik Hansen attempted to make a play that happens several times over the course of every single NHL game (trying to knock a puck out of the air with his hand) when his elbow, inadvertently comes into contact with Marian Hossa’s head. After seeing several replays, it’s very clear that the initial point of contact was Hansen’s glove on Hossa’s shoulder, but why use video evidence to come to a decision?

Also note the Hawks bench in the background of this video, they sure seem calm for a team that just witness a blatant, intent filled head shot don’t they?

Many have argued that the play was reckless, that’s garbage.

Reckless would have been using his stick to bat the puck out of the air, what Hansen did was the go to move for everyone who plays the game. Hansen has been subsequently suspended one game, for playing hockey the right way. Hell, if anyone deserves a suspension it’s Joel Quennville for throwing a guy with the durability of an hour old lit cigarette out on the ice. Sure, that sounds ridiculous. But, is it any more ridiculous than any of the crap we see from Shanny and Co. every year?

The biggest transgression in this game was by fourth line hack Brandon Bollig, who after a clean hit along the boards by Dale Weise, decided to feed Weise 3 shots to the face before Weise even had time to react. Not only is that reckless, but it’s definitely intent and a chicken-**** move.

Personally, I’d rather get accidentally elbowed in the back of the head on a hockey play, then get sucker punched three times in the face by some clown who shouldn’t even be in the league.

I don’t even really mind the suspension, if the league is actively trying to get all head shots out of the game, accidental or not. But we all know they aren’t. This dog and pony show going on at NHL head office isn’t fooling anyone and we can all see the clear prejudice taking place. It’s about time they spare us from their excuses, quite frankly it’s all getting to be a bit much.

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Lol prejudice? Buddy if you think the league is out to get your team you must have you head somewhere the sun don't shine... Vancouver is one the league's golden boy's, I'm amazed Hansen even got suspended.

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Uh... ya Vancouver is pretty baby'd by the league. It may be tough to see from inside the box but ask any other fan and they'll say yes..

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