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  1. @MartinKendell Yeha I'm not sure what the convenience is in not being able to go out for a ****** smoke anymore lol.

  2. ***** Yankees man

  3. https://t.co/SBWzTc4Mpo

  4. @INSPVernacular @CrownRoyal22 #thisguy****s

  5. Anyone got a good stream for ufc? Everything is brutal

  6. I reached the breaking point. I need to get help. It's bad.

  7. Where is the hammered stumbling and passing out when you hit your head on the diving board option? https://t.co/x9eTEfTvST

  8. This gongshow show is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  9. Lol what a tool. https://t.co/vxAY0gJaiF

  10. Cops should be here any minute lol.

  11. Find weird **** at work sometimes. https://t.co/6bi3sG3Oon

  12. Let's go boys! https://t.co/3829G1PUbb

  13. Dunkirk is alright I guess, pretty. Boring though.

  14. This concert would be amazing. https://t.co/ilPqW8NX3I

  15. You're stoked that you recovered from a super ***** injury that had you super depressed, let's make in of it!

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