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Habs Sign Murray, why Price can rebound, Kadri



blog-0764832001377315654.jpgHabs sign veteran Doug Murray to 1 year/$1.5m deal

I like this signing by Bergevin. Doug Murray brings a physical edge to Montreal's blue line, and with Alexei Emelin sidelined until mid-November, Murray will be counted on to play minutes against the opposing teams grinder lines that forecheck hard, something Murray has grown accustomed to while playing with the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins. Although Murray proved last season that he no longer has the foot speed to play with the game's elite, he should be a solid third line pairing defender to play along side Montreal's young rookie blueliners this season. This is a scouting report from an NHL scout, taken directly out of Eric Engel's latest blog:

"He still brings a ton of competitiveness--likes to defend, hit and block shots. Yes, he's lost a step but "regressed tremendously" is too harsh (he's never been fleet afoot, so actually can't regress that far). Character individual."

The scout adds:

"Good signing by Bergy (Bergevin). Compliments their group well."

Here is how I expect to see the Hab's d-corps on opening night. *Emelin injured until mid-November*




Why Carey Price can rebound

I'll be the first to admit, the Canadiens' young goaltender had a horrid season last year, by his standards anyway. The now 26 year old tender finished last season with a 2.59 GAA and a mere .905 sv%. But, all signs point to him being the player everyone knows he can be in 2014.

Firstly, the addition of new goalie coach Stephene Waite is huge. Waite previously worked in the Blackhawks organization (I think I'm starting to see a trend...), and he took two previously unheard of goalies, Antti Niemi and Corey Crawford, and turned them into superstars. Infact, not just superstars, but turned them into Stanley Cup winners. I think everyone can agree that if he can do that to Niemi and Crawford, he shouldn't have a problem coaching Price into his full potential.

Secondly, the opportunity to start for Team (freaking) Canada is knocking at Carey's front door. Price has proved himself at the international level once before, winning a gold medal at the 2006 World Junior Championships with Team Canada. He has also shown he is a very poised goalie who seems naturally calm during big game moments, which is one of the reasons why I believe Price will enter the Sochi Olympics as the starter.

The third and final reason why Carey Price will rebound this year is because he is starting to realize he can be replaced. Carey loves the city of Montreal, and more importantly loves playing there, as his recent 6 year deal proves evident. I'm sure Price was questioning the scouting team's choice to select Halifax goalie Zach Fucale, who many believe has elite goalie potential, early in the 2013 NHL draft this year. I wonder if Price might think that the organization is perhaps seeking a replacement for down the line? Who knows, but, it should be just another motive to have an awesome 2014, and hopefully a kickstart to a Hall of Fame career.

Why Montreal should offer sheet Nazim Kadri

I actually came across this topic online, and it made some gears in my head start to crank.

I mean, why wouldn't we?

Why wouldn't we offer sheet an up-and-coming centre, someone that can slot behind Alex Galchenyuk for years to come, for a price that Toronto couldn't afford?

Kadri has expressed in recent days that he is seeking a long term, $5m deal from Toronto. Toronto however, would like to make a ''bridge deal'' ala P.K Subban. A deal that would pay Kadri 2-3 million bucks for 2 years.

Firstly, before Leaf fans get on my case, let me express that I don't think Bergevin would dream of offer-sheeting Kadri, or anyone for that matter, considering reigning Norris trophy winner P.K Subban is a restricted free agent next summer. So, I'm sure a team would give Bergevin a taste of his own medicine, and sent an offer-seet into Subban. Hockey politics.

But really, when an opportunity comes knocking to one, not only boost your squad, and two, screw with a division rival, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs, why the heck not? Of course, if this were to happen (which it won't, I can't express that enough) there would have to be a trade or two, in order to clear some roster space and free up a littler bit of cap room. It would be ideal for Montreal in this situation to trade either David Desharnais, who would fetch a significant return, most likely a first round draft choice and a prospect, or someone along the lines of Travis Moen or Ryan White, guys who have been taking way too many penalites lately.

Well that's all I have for today. Hopefully I can start blogging some more soon.Thanks for reading.




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Doug Murray was a Shark I loved. Takes no prisoners in front of the net, works hard and can outmuscle anyone. He also has rarely lost a real fight that iI have seen.

Blocks shots great and is great in the PK.


Worst skater in the NHL on the other hands. Speedy guys can make him look like a pylon. He has good positioning, but you can tell from 30 feet away if he is going to get beat when a guy accelerates on him.


Will be great as a PK specialist and bottom 6 guy

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Nice blog as usual habs.


The offer sheet idea is interesting.  However is he really worth a first and a third draft pick?

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