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It's a Wing thing



Very simple wish list that I would like to see the Wings go out and do this year.

First, Jimmy Howard has been less than stellar and frankly has had two average seasons. It is time to make a change in goal.

Trade Jimmy Howard and a young forward to the Winnipeg Jets for Evander Kane. Kane is alienated in Winnipeg and he is supposedly being dangled this offseason. The Jets have putrid netminding. With average goaltending this season they would have been in the mix for a playoff spot.

Sign local boy Ryan Miller. I am not one of those who feels that Miller is the second coming but he would be an upgrade over Howard.

Jonas Gustafsson was solid in net but is an UFA and Mrazak deserves to be the backup and groomed for the eventual starting job.

Daniel Alfredsson delivered as promised and the hope is that he will come back for one more year.

Sign Dan Boyle to run the power play. He is slipping but IMHO he has a few years left, time for the solid bunch of defensive prospects we have in the pipeline to continue to grow.

Thank Dan Cleary, Todd Bertuzzi, Mikael Samuelsson and Kyle Quincey for their service and show them the door. Youth must be served, al of these guys except possibly Quincey are done and in Quincey's case we have better options.

Let go of David Legwand. We gave up top prospect Jarnkrok for him, we needed more than a month of hockey and five playoff games to show for it, but there is no room for him on the team.

That is about it. I have read a lot of folks say that we need to buy out Franzen but at a 4 million a year cap hit his contract is not unreasonable, just too long. I cannot think of a scenario where buying him out makes sense.

This would mean the Wings would start the year with:

Nyquist Datsyuk Kane

Franzen Zetterberg Alfredsson

Tatar Sheahan Jurco

Abdelkader Helm Miller

Others Weiss, Andersson Glendening

Kronwall Ericsson

Boyle Dekeyser

Smith Kindl

Others Lashoff

In net



In my opinion we would have strengthened our forwards, defense, goaltending, and power play. If Alfie rides off into the sunset then we should seriously make a run at keeping Legwand.


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Interesting Blog as always Yave.  I don't see the Jets making that trade of Howard for Kane.  Why would the Jets trade to have a cap hit over $9M  in goaltending?  They are also not getting anything to replace their talented forward.

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Howard to the Jets? Howard to anybody? With a cap hit of 5.3 million for several more years? until i saw it, I had no idea he was paid that much. Why? Who signed him to that contract?


As noted above, they already have a 4 million dollar goaltender signed for a few more years. Nothing short of swapping goaltenders will do in this situation.


If you want Kane, you will need to think of something else to send over.

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I think Howard has a NTC/NMC! I'm pretty sure Winninpeg wouldn't be one of teams he'd allow a trade to. But he needs to be moved. He's just not what everyone thought he was.

Legwand? I think he'd be a good fit but the price needs to be right. Same thing with Quincey.

I'd definitely extend Hossa, oh wait.............

Franzen should be sent on his way. Yes he has a great cap hit but he's the most inconsistent player in the NHL.

Now the real problem. Who's going to take on the contracts of Franzen and Howard? Someone would probably take Franzen but Howard is likely untradeable.

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