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  1. Only after DeKeyser is resigned should he be resigned.
  2. Look at that in Detroit! I real GM does something to improve his team!! Wonder if Dave D can run two teams?
  3. Not trying to get into pissing contest with you but! Detroit Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman will take on additional duties as director of player personnel, team owner Mike Ilitch said Friday. "This is a departure from the traditional title of general manager," Ilitch said. "Scotty's focus will be specifically on the NHL level, such as all trades and signings involving the Red Wings." Ilitch this week had promoted Ken Holland to assistant general manager. Holland will oversee pro and amateur scouting and the annual entry draft.
  4. Correct me I'm wrong but prior to the 2002-2003 season didn't Bowman have control of player personnel?
  5. Both Zetterberg and Datsyuk were Bowman guys! Holland gets ZERO credit for them. But he did resign Cleary, Franzen (at the expense of Hossa), Huskins, Quincey, Weiss, Modano, Tootoo, Legwand and the list goes on. Simply put he can't attract top notch talent.
  6. Here it is! "Had the odd call, but for the most part it's slowed down," Holland said. "It goes slow now for July and August. In past years once (top) free agents are off the market and money is spent things get slow." "I explored trades through June, couldn't find a fit," Holland said. "Now I sense a quiet three, four, five weeks. In the meantime I'll reach out to some of those (GMs)" I'm so tired of his "couldn't find a fit"!
  7. 2008 were for the most part all Bowman leftovers. Remembering of course Bowman still the man until he left for Chicago. Holland gets very little praise for 2008.
  8. Unless he pulls off a blockbuster deal this off season has been a bust. IMO it started in 09 when he picked Franzen over Hossa! And it's gone down hill since as has the success of the team.
  9. Now let's talk about Holland! His big splash is Quincey and Cleary.
  10. I know it is a tough situation to be in! But unless the cap grows more than any of us think it will, you just can't have 30% of your cap go to two players. So the two superstar players will be playing with a lot of young guys. And young guys want raises too. It's a tough situation.
  11. I'm with you 1000%. IMO Holland lost it all when Suter went to Minn. He knew Stuart was leaving. He should have blown and I mean blown Suter out of the water with his offer. Give him no reason to look elsewhere. I'm talking Weber money. But no he put out an equal offer (give or take) and depended allure of Detroit to push Suter to Detroit. Funny part we'd probably have Parise too instead of Weiss. Holland needs to get over the fact that Detroit does NOT have the allure it did before.
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