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  1. As far as hockey is concerned, the NHL put together a great World Cup. However, no one cared about Team Europe, USA had a horrible tournament and the rules were complicated. When Nathan McKinnon scored in OT against Sweden, he thought his team was in the playoff round but his team needed to win in regulation.
  2. In theory, It should take the same amount of time. The national teams should play at least 1,probably 2 practice games before a single elimination tournament or there will be no team chemistry. I feel hockey ratings will be higher in February when compared to August/September. It would be a shame to not see a USA/Canada game or a USA/ Russia Game at the Olympics. Those match ups would sell tickets and generate ratings. If the Olympics are in Asia, the warm up game(s)/tournament could be on the west coast to minimize the time change.
  3. There are two parts Change the Olympic format to a 16 team single elimination tournament (essentially medal round only) NHL will host a six nation pre-Olympic “warm up” tournament in North America right before the games. (each team plays 3 games_details below) NHL participation in the Olympics provides exposure for hockey’s best players but interrupts the NHL season and has the potential to cause injuries. Not to mention the fact that the NHL and it’s players don’t see a dime for participating in the games. When the Winter Olympics are held outside of
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